Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Birth of Baby No 1


It has been ages, I know and I am definitely missing my time writing in this space. How should I start then? Maybe I should begin writing by announcing that I have given birth to a bouncy baby boy almost 2 and a half months ago. Fuhh that was long! 2 and a half months ago and he has now grown a lot from the first time I held him in my arms.

Introducing our little boy, Cayden Yusuf Bin Muhammad Nurazlan.
A copy and paste of his daddy.
I must say that the birth story of Cayden Yusuf is a bit complicated. I don't say it's hard coz Allah swt has helped us a lot along the way. But it was definitely not easy. So bare with me.

I was actually due to give birth on the 27th July 2013, but no signs showed on that that very day other than I am happily eating away for two. Plus it was Ramadhan and how can I actually resist icy cold drinks and delicious food from the bazaar? Husband spoilt me with so many choices and I was a practically a happy lady..

Week 37
Round and heavy, I mean the tummy :D

Week 40

So on the 28th July we went to see our gynae with so many things on our mind like "why is she still pregnant doctor?", 'is there any way you can make the baby come out like now?" and etc. Haha. I know, we were being so ridiculous and at the same anxious and excited to see the baby. And mummy just could no longer bare the back pain and discomfort. So our doctor, Dr Zarul (which I will share about him later in the next entry) told us "pick a date so I can induce you for the labor". Jeez doctor, that was easy. Why didn't I think of it much earlier.

At that time we don't have any particular date on our mind. I just couldn't wait so I looked at Alan to quickly pick a date. Just like picking a date for a movie except this time a baby will pop! 31.7.13 caught our attention and we straight away went for it. "31.7.13 it is doctor!" and the rest was history.

We checked in at Putra Medical Centre (PMC) at around 10pm on 30th July 2013. As we've registered and paid for the deposit, I was told to sit on the wheelchair like a sick person. I insisted on walking, but the friendly guard told me "Jangan nanti Datuk marah" which they refer Datuk to my gynae. No harm I guess so I just stayed on chair the whole time. As we reached rooms, little that we know all rooms were fully occupied. I guess quite a few babies will be born on the same day as ours. Then the nurse ushered us to one room which looked so familiar, its the labor room! My oh my! I was actually sleeping on the bed where people scream like mad and what more surrounded by needles, medical supplies and epidural? It was a very (VERY) good start! :'|

11 pm: One of the nurses inserted something in my behind. She told me to hold till "you betul2 nak ke tandas tau". Less than 2 minutes I already had bowel movement, and I was basically running to the loo. Mind you our VIP room does not equipped with one.

11.30 pm: The other nurse came to start on the induction where a pill will be inserted in my hoohaa then she realized I was actually already 4-5cm dilated! I smiled coz this will be it. Our son finally decided to come out today. The nurse told us she had to cancelled the induction and call the doctor for consultation. 10 minutes after we were told to wait for the night and call her if I feel any sort of pain. MashaAllah, I was so nervous at that time.

To be continued..


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same hospital! i amik dr ratna...