Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Pregnancy so far..


Today marked 33 weeks and 3 days of my pregnancy and more or less 6 weeks to go before I go into labour. Words couldn't describe how it feels to carry this little miracle in me as we progressed from one month after another. From the worst and challenging 1st trimester to emotionally dreadful 2nd trimester and lastly to a totally different feeling and experience of 3rd trimester. I must say that it sure was a roller-coaster ride!

I noticed since I got pregnant, Alan has been asking me questions like 'are you ok?', 'sakit ke?' 'muntah banyak ke', 'tak larat ke', 'dah minum susu belum?' which there's only one simple answer to all these questions which is 'yes!'. Just recently my husband asked me out of the three trimesters, which one do I think is/was the easiest for me? Even though he did saw himself how I progressed, I understand he'd like to know what I personally think about the whole experience. I said, it is surely the 3rd trimester! You know why because I feel energetic, managed to do house chores (again), mood baik sekali, I can't remember when was the last time I wore make-up and I did (again) a few times recently, my skin is totally ah-mazing even better than before I was pregnant and in college and I like to dress up even while carrying this growing tummy! Love..

But I totally understand that different people will experience different things throughout their pregnancy and I praise to God that He make things easier for me and Alan up until this point.

I do hope this will last till we reach 40 weeks, or maybe more. Kadang-kadang setakat sakit sikit-sikit I will just bare with it and do not think too much macam back pain, pening-pening and excessive sweating (yes, I can understand now what most of my friends have been saying about sweating melampau) because these could in the end spoil my mood. 

One thing for sure, what I will be missing the most is the extra attention I've had all this while from my family and colleagues! Oh, how I will miss being pregnant!


Nawal Aizad said...

Ahhhh the extra attention tu kekadang buat husband jeles hahaha. Anyway u glow girl!

Aida Narina said...

Awww thanks nawal! Yes yes, and that makes them even ngada2 with us pregnant ladies. I'm sure you experienced the same! Haha.

Nawal Aizad said...

hahaha enjoy it while we can!

Airin Diana Anuar said...

ur skin looks smooth
berseri2 muka u
pregnancy hormones i guess :)