Monday, April 01, 2013

Us & the Baby

Assalamualaikum. Good morning. What a blessed Monday :)

MasyaAllah, guess what, I couldn't believe that my pregnancy is turning 23weeks 24weeks by end of this week. We are more than halfway through and how time flies so fast. So glad to be able to feel how is it like to be pregnant (despite the bad symptoms which I had to overcome throughout 4 months back) and without my other half by my side.

Some of you might already know that my husband was away for work attachment in Jakarta for about 3 and a half months and it has only ended a week ago. I was beyond happy to mention how lucky I am that he's now back home. With the growing baby, I really don't want him to missed any of the great milestones for Baby C. And yeah, we already have a name for the baby and I got to choose! :D

Looking back, it was on the 20th November when I found out that I was carrying a baby. I was late. I was always on time when it comes to having the monthly 'red flag', so i decided to do the test on my own. You know, the pregnancy test. I was nervous at the same time happy when all 3 the kits (yes, it was so surreal for a first timer like me that I had to take 3 tests!) showed a clear second line pink. Alan got his first birthday present that week, a bouncy baby in July 2013.

As unplanned it was for us, we were so thankful for this 'rezeki' since we were thinking to get pregnant a wee bit later (end of 2013). But as what my friends, colleagues and family members always said to me, 'Anak pertama tak payah delay-delay takut nanti bila nak susah pulak dapat', we just follow the path that Allah has set for us. We were both nervous because we do not have any experiences with babies, or even 1 baby. We like to hold babies, but it should not be as simple as that, kan? However, seeing our friends of the same age with their baby (and a few even waiting for a second one), we said to ourself, if others can do it, why can't we? Allah will help us, definitely. And with the hardship we have been through to be successful in our studies and work, building a family should be another thing we look forward to..

So, it was by end December 2012 (I was 2 months pregnant), Alan left to Jakarta while I was having the worst ever morning sickness and constant nausea, fatigue and migraine. I cried a few days since he left. My fragile body needed him the most at that time but how hard I cried (meratapi), things stayed the same. It lasted quite a while, but remembering that I am pregnant, I calmed myself and prayed hard that time will pass by quickly.

Alhamdulillah, Allah made it easy for us. Allah helped me with my emotions. You know how a pregnant lady with that over-the-top emotions right? I had that with me. Allah even helped me to be strong for the baby. Living alone does not led me to my happy place, but it has showed me things in different perspectives. Plus I even had the chance to fly to Jakarta for 4 times throughout Alan's stay in Jakarta. Despite the tiring visit, I was thankful that Baby C got to see the daddy even just for the weekend. 

Here's a few pictures during my 17th, 18th and 19th week of pregnancy. I'm 24weeks now and you can already imagine how I had grew for the past 4 weeks! :D

In shaa Allah for the next few interesting weeks to come :)


aishah amin said...

congrats!! we're one week apart! :))

Pumpernikell Rabbit said...

Wah your tummy is growing fast! Ive started to take pics too and boy im fat! Haha. Ive only gained a kilo since pregnant. How bout u ?

Aida Narina said...

aishah: awww, congrats to you too aishah! hopefully it will be a smooth sailing one for ya :)

Aida Narina said...

pumpernikell rabbit: yess, it's becoming more obvious as I enter 5th month. One concern that my gynae has raised to us is on having a tall baby, since my husband is very tall and I am a small build (shortie). This can only be determined at a later stage of the pregnancy. Hopefully it's nothing major :D

Amiha Ayu said...

Alhamdulillah.. Congrats and take care Aida..


Take care dear :)