Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wedding Item No 4: Reception Dress (2)

I'm mixing up entries now in my blog :D Just when I was cleaning up entries, I found a draft which has already been completed, hence I decided to just release it. This entry was supposed to be published before I got married, to give an idea to my lovely readers on my the color of my reception dress no.2. So here it is..

Since we'll be having 2 receptions, 1 for my side and 1 for his, we need  to decide on what to wear to the later one. Since it's the groom's side, I've decided to let Alan make the call. He loves turquoise and green, but not the bright ones. He prefers the subtle light blue/green turquoise which is very sweet and calming also suits his personality, the sweet and calm Alan. I couldn't agree more, turquoise be it blue or green is a lovely color. So I said yes!

This is the exact tone which we were looking for.

Aww so cute..

Isn't it a lovely color? 

My dress will be a simple one made from soft chiffon and lace. Since Reception (2) will be held at home, I have a design in mind which is very simple, airy, not too tight but still is suitable for a bride. Alan approved the design that I want after knowing that the cost to make the dress is very reasonable. See honey, I'm appropriate when it comes to your side, hehe. It has been decided that the tailor who'll be making my Solemnization dress will also be making the Reception dress (2). Simply because this tailor which I should call it 'my tailor' understood my needs and wants, everytime. So she's really perfect for both occasions. Can't wait to see the result..

To be continued..

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