Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wedding Review (1): Solemnization Make-up

At last, this will be the first wedding review from me hehe. Sorry girls, I have always not be in 'alam maya' especially blogspot for a very long time now. Most of the time it will always be about work and daily routines. Just being a plain Jane, hehe :D. But today, you got to see me during my solemnization which is good because I felt very pretty that day, inside out :D.

6.7.2012 was the day we were solemnized. I remember the day very clearly because most of my family members and close friends were there. Sayang korang!

A little details on the solemnization:
Date: 6.7.2012
Time: After Friday prayer
Venue: Grandma's house, Ayer Keroh, Melaka.
MUA: Umzarul from Umzarul Make Up

I was made-up by the lovely Umzarul. Um memang sangat detail when it comes to putting make-up on my face. Service pun bagus, I send the query through facebook, terus dia reply and block her calender. She required 50% for the deposit. With her affordable rate, I could not complaint. She even drove off from KL to Melaka with such lower rate. At first, selecting MUA was a major problem. Like all bride-to-be, I takut juga if nanti tak comel la, tak cantik, tak puas hati. All the tak bagus tuh la. But then both my mother and husband insisted that it will be a short solemnization session la, without I even realized dah habis event plus diorang nak sedap kan hati I, they said dah comel, takkan bila pakai make-up jadi tak cantik. Haha. So pathetic of me! :D

Just in case, here's her number 017-9055590 (Um)

A photo uploaded by sister on her IG. So lovely.

 A few photos taken by Um's assistance (her husband) :D

Also, these are from my photographer, Ib Ghani :)

Hehe, rasa lain tengok gambar diri sendiri. Especially when you look all pretty in white. Like an angel. Trust me, you cannot imagine how I look like now. A monster with hormonal change, bad bad morning sickness and a baby inside -_-.

Yes, we are pregnant! *grin* :D


.nurulhusna. said...

I wanted to say this the first time I read your blog: You & your husband really look alike. :) I thought he was your brother back then. Hehehe

Anonymous said...

Tahniah... tahniah...tahniah....

p/s- link dr blog Durra