Friday, September 28, 2012

Fashion Forward: Pre-Order for Sept 2012

A few ladies had been asking me about the next batch for Handbags pre-order through Fashion Forward, so I thought I should write here to let you know that for the month of September, we have just started taking 'short-period' orders.

Short-period means that all orders will be closed by this Friday (28th Sept) and all items from London will arrive by early next week (1-2nd Oct). 

So send your inquiries and orders now as all orders will close by:
Friday, 28th Sept, 12midnight!
(1) Send me details of your preferred bags
(2) I'll quote the price
(3) Confirm the order and make payment for the order(s).

We accept all orders for most of the designer brands including Longchamp! :)

For a quick info, I would suggest you to email me at and I can provide my details so you'd be able to contact me directly through Whatsapp and bbm :) 

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