Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A New Raya Adventure

Unlike any other year, this year marked my first time celebrating the blissful month of Syawal as a wife. This also marked the first year of giving up and negotiating what's best for both us. Making a decision on where to celebrate the first, second and the rest of Syawal was never a problem. Obviously our parents were more worried. Alhamdulillah, we are so grateful and blessed to have such understanding mummies. Both Mama (Alan's mother) and Mummy (my mother) really understand us as a first timer and tried to make things easier for us. Hence we decided to stay in Shah Alam on the night before Raya and first day of Raya. We then went back to Melaka (my hometown) the night of first Raya until the 3rd.

Well, we have not gone for exactly same color coordination for the 1st Syawal. Alan wore his Baju Nikah and I was really comfortable in the Bhumi Batik (by Aishah Sinclair) earth brown kebaya paired with Batik I bought in Bandung 2 years ago. Not to mention, I got the laced chiffon scarf at the Hello Deer bazaar. Varieties of Syawal collections were sold there.

 Me in my really comfortable kebaya. What I need exactly for a day filled with glorious food! :D

Little Lula were also there. 

Not to forget, the adorable Micah (Lula's little brother). So geram!

 Mama with Talullah.

Second day, in Melaka :)

Wearing the Jules by Jovian Mandagie in green. Loving the color!

Match up with Grass Green Glossy Goat Bayswater :D

 Just realized, my whole outfit matched with Alan ten ringgit green Rayban sunglasses :D

Third day, still in Melaka.

Us together.

The day we welcomed my bro's fiancé's family from Johore Bahru. My Paklong and Maklong did a great job by being a host. The food (asam pedas ikan tenggiri, masak lemak pucuk manis with labu, ayam berempah, ikan masin, sambal belacan) are so delish! 

My second Bhumi Batik kebaya in lovely purple paired with another kain Batik which I've bought from Bandung.

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DaZzlingLilLy said...

selamat hari raya aida and alan..cantik jules in mint green tu bila tgk u pakai..