Thursday, April 05, 2012

Pre-Order For Month of April 2012

Hello Ladies (wiping dust) :D,

It's ordering period again! For those who are still new to this space, let me just briefly share with you that I have been taking orders for everyone's all-time favourite item ~ Designer Handbags since 2009 (refer here). It all started when I received numerous emails from friends and bloggers asking for help to shop for them. So I decided, why not? :D

So now, I'm taking orders for designer handbags again, yeay! :D. There are still empty spots left (lots!), so if anyone is interested to order, do drop me an email okay? :) All inquiries and orders should arrive to me before:
Monday Midnight, 12am, 16th April 2012

Good news to those who can't wait! I know, who could wait for something so nice right? All items for this month will arrive by 21st April 2012, so you'll be expecting to get them one day after the arrival date.

(1) Send me details of your preferred bags

(2) I'll quote the price
(3) Confirm the order and make payment for the order(s).

You know where to get me ladies, wink :D

Email me at

Have a wonderful shopping everyone!


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