Sunday, March 04, 2012

Engagement Day: 31st December 2011

Okay since tak tahu sampai bila nak simpan gambar-gambar masa hari pertunangan tempoh hari, I rajin kan diri untuk pilih dan upload harini. At first our engagement was arranged to be held on the 7.1.2012. But one of Alan's brothers has planned to go oversea on the same date. So we move it earlier to 31.12.2012 as we think it'll be unfortunate to not have him around.

The preparations was initially planned to be very simple. But as I had ample time to add more things to the ceremony, I guess I went a teeny bit overboard with the details :D.


The Dress
Let's start with the dress, hehe. The one-piece yellow dress with the ruffle skirt was made in Ho Chi Min, Vietnam. Remember the trip I had back in... erk bila eyh dah lupa! Ok nevermind, back to the dress. The chiffon fabric which I've bought in HCMC cost me about RM50 together with the lining. The dress was made by a tailor nearby our hotel in HCMC for only RM90. But the veil and tudung were separately made by a tailor in Shah Alam. The lace was bought at Jakel Shah Alam (it cost almost the same price as the material and upah to make the dress! So expensive lah lace). Then the patching and beadings were made together by the same tailor who made the veil and tudung. Total damage? Since everything happened one at a time, it does not hurt my pocket that much  :D

The make-up
My ever gorgeous sister make me up on that special day. Thank you sister, you made me feel special! I had a particular look that I want at first. A simple subtle make up on the eyes and a red lippy, but the sister said I should have a smokey eyes instead to compliment the yellow dress and keep it low for the lips. I just have to agree because she's the master hehe. What do you think about my look? By the way, my sister is not an artist, but she lovess playing with make-up and people's face. I have to say that if she decided to be one someday, I'll support her 100% because she has that magic touch :)

Sister, cousin Tina and cousin Dayah.

And little Lula were there too :)

The Mini Dais
Well oh well since this woman wanted a mini dais for her to sit on, brother, brother's gf and sister made sure that her wishes came true. Hence the DIY mini dais drama started as early as the preparation. I bought the fabric, the rail, the small vases, then ruffle cloth then rented the small stage, the spotlights and the round pillow from a wedding boutique near my house. Then the rest was a history. Thank you sangat-sangat to my family members who took part to make this mini dais to happen *in tears*..

The sweet doorgift
Since I had this thought that on the special day everyone will be traveling all the way to my house in Neg Sembilan (my mom lives inside the school compound since she's a vice principal and we have another house in Melaka), I decided to treat everyone who came with a sweet doorgift. I'm not sure of the look at first. Had troubles because I don't really want to spend a lot on the boxes or bags, so I said to myself, I'll DIY, again :) I bought the fabric i.e. white netting, bought the ribbon, the chocolates. Then I when I found out how easy it was to make the paper flowers out of the tissue papers, I decided to make them in yellow and white and in small sizes then tie in together to the gift. Wallaa, they just made the gifts look lively. Kudos my fingers, you've made 100pcs altogether :D

The hantaran
The hantaran deco was another record breaking for me because including the 7 dulang above, I've made 9+9+11 other dulang for friends and a cousin. I should be receiving an award for this haha! For mine, I went for bright colors fresh flowers decorations with yellow and orange ribbons to compliment the colors. I did not used any other fancy accessories because I really want to keep it simple. Bought the flowers at chow kit and altogether cost me merely 200ringgit for all 7 dulang decorations and the flowers for the mini dais. I used roses, kekwa, hydrangeas and carnations. The colors varied from yellow, purple, red, orange and green :). Most of my aunties and cousins have been complimenting me for the lovely arrangements. Tehee..

On other things to consider (from my naked eyes *wink*):
1. PA system - very important so that everyone can hear what the parents are talking about.
2. Back up plan for food - just in case the food are not enough.
3. Khemah with a fan - if your event is held in the afternoon.
4. Standing fan - to accommodate living room without air-conditioning

Everything else should be very basic as if like when having a get together :)

Okay ladies, enjoy the rest of the pictures k. Off to bed now, esok nak jumpa tailor.

Cousin preparing for me once I sat on the mini dais. Segan sangat masa ni sebab semua orang tengok! :D

Alan's mother tengah sarung cincin. Actually I've practised so that Alan's mum will sit next to me on the stage. But she sat on the floor, and after dah sarung baru I teringat! -_-. I am terrible. Rasa tak appropriate the mother duduk on the floor while I sat on the stage.

Rasmi :) Ehem..

Sisters and brother :) Hugs!

Brother's girlfriend, Puteri Tyana :) Thank you sister, you've helped a lot!

Part of the friends who came, Julia and husband Azad, Wanny and sister..

Ada orang kata nak pakai shirt and slack, but ended pakai baju Melayu. What a surprise :D Hehe..


Naddd said...

Kak Aida!

Hantaran deco tu akak buat sendiri keee? OMG! Sangat cantikkkk! :O

reena said...

Kudos to Alan sebab pakai baju melayu! :) And u cantikkkk sgt. Tak sabaq nak tengok kahwin plak :D

Aida Narina said...

nadd: sendiri dear. thank uuu :) nnt nadd engage wanna me to help, just let me knowww :)

reena: terkejut sejak semacam :D thanks reena, me too can't wait. counting days erkkk hehehe... i know u too!

Anonymous said...

salam..i'm your silent your simple yet elegant..btw yeah lace at jakel so expensive but its worth it coz with all the details were sewn very & your siblings looks like you have chinese mix??your sister so beautiful!!!and you too for sure :)


Aida Narina said...

lala: hi lala :) thanks for the compliment :). It's true what u said about the material from Jakel. They are actually in a very good quality. I adore a few other french lace, but that could leave me with empty pockets :D. on my siblings, my dad is actually mixed malay and chinese. Mum was originally from Indonesia. Maybe that's how we get that chinese look :)

Anonymous said...

hi thanks for replying :) yeah i totally agree with french lace..its cost a bomb!the other day my sis just bought just simple lace for just 1 metre and it's cost about's not french lace btw..
i wanna ask whether the dress that you made in HCMC comfortable or not?thanks again :)


*ayu the sun* said...

u looked stunning dear!

Tahirah A. said...

Aida..I know I'm late, but I haven't congratulate u..CONGRATULATIONS! :)

MizaShoppe said...

sweetnya..cntik baju kamu...

Mad Woman said...

Hi aida....
suke baju tuh becuz of the price, the design and material..
sy pon nak pi HCMC. but lambat lagi. on January.. would love to have a few advice from you as sy nak pi bcuz nak carik barang kawen..kain and all...urghh...i hope lace dekat sana is okay...