Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wedding Item No 1: Color of Bridesmaid Dresses

Tick tock, tick tock. 

What? 4 months left? (Garu kepala)

Just couldn't believe that it's been 2 months I've got engaged. I haven't even updated this space on my engagement details and on other things as well. Work has been building up. Now that I have a new boss (to replace the previous handsome chap boss, DH from Ireland), I should just give a pat on my back. That's bcos I survived hardcore teaching/training lessons of all the Brazil project details that I'm currently handling with my new boss! Can you imagine sharing from A-Z to someone who has no idea on what has been going on? DH (my old boss) must be proud of me for all the good efforts (or maybe he doesn't really care bcos he's now in Bucharest enjoying the cold snowy weather!).

By the way, back to Wedding Planning
Engagement chapter = CLOSED. 
Wedding chapter = TICK, TICK, 50 EMPTY COLUMNS. -_-

Truthfully wedding planning is soooo tricky. One day you say firmly to yourself, 'I want this', but the next day after flicking through other photos, you basically want them all. Then your brain got all so stressed up, you panic, think that you should just get it over with and decide. Well oh well, I got panic attacks like many times these 2 months.  

Hence, I should start on the color of the dress for my bridesmaid, since it's the easiest to decide. To me, nothing is hard when it comes to this, as it doesn't impact much on me. If it's the color of my wedding dress, I guess I'll start to panic again. Pink salmon color has been my favourite apart from white, gold and yellow. I think most of us found this pink salmon color ah-mazing. I guess, Pink Salmon and me, we just clicked.

Even though my dress color has yet to be confirmed, but for sure my bridesmaid will be wearing pink salmon dress during my reception (that is if I were to have any bridesmaid) :D

Gorgeous, gorgeous :)


Sarah said...

that is a nice color choice! it is flattering for alot of skin tones and is very feminine. nice blog btw!! :)

dyra said...

i wore this color for my nikah but i never know it was pink salmon, until u wrote about it here... *rasa sengal seposen* u solved my pending question of the year, hihihi~

Aida Narina said...

sarah: thank you sarah! i love the color so much, and you are so true when u say its a feminine color and good on basically all girls. do drop by again :)

Aida Narina said...

dyra: u sure look amazing in this color. btw its easy to recognize the tone since most of us will remind this of the salmon fish hehe :D

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love those dresses/dress color! They are beautiful! I would love for my bridesmaids to wear these! Please tell me you know where to find these dresses at!? I love them!
Thank you :)