Monday, January 09, 2012

It's A Girl Thing

I love what make-up can do to my face. Who doesn't right? Even applying a lip gloss can change one's look. Then came good responds from friends and colleagues, "Wow, your lips so healthy and shiny!". Haha. Ok tipu, friends takkan cakap bibir healthy je, diorang mesti tanya lip gloss u beli kat mana :D

It was a casual outing, plan nak go out for a watch hunt since Alan has been giving hints to have a watch as part of the gift during our wedding, then without realizing, I drag Alan to Topshop to see the make up range for the first time. Two sales assistant were there to assist me. Both are so kind and bubbly. One Chinese and one Malay. Okay tak ada kaitan actually, tapi since they are so helpful, I ended up with these in my shopping cart. Heheheee..

1. Eye brush
2. Blush in Walnut
3. Black gel eye liner
4. Lipstick in Desert (Nude)
5. Lipstick in Hazard (Bright Red)
6. Lash Extender Mascara in Black
7. Topshop make up pouch
8. Lip and eye polish in Lavender
9. Eye Crayon in Rock Chick

I know, it's a total make over! It's been over a year and a half since I went make up shopping. A birthday treat is just another great reason to shop :)

Apart from the free gifts which I got together with the Topshop make up pouch, what made me more happy is that I got 30% discount for all items since it's my birthday month! To entitle for this 30% discount, you got to have the 'Fashion Fast Forward' membership card. I saved 1/3 on total price hehe.

Hazard is my first ever bright red lipstick. I'll post a picture as soon as that daring side of me wanting to come out :D

Happy working!



ok tak aida makeup from topshop nie

Aida Narina said...

lina: a few items are good lina. i like the mascara, first ever found a mascara which is not waterproof and do not smudge. plus it separates lashes and make it fuller and longer. with the price i'm paying, i must say its worth it. lagi satu i suka is the blush. It looks subtle on my face.. :) But u gotta try it first and pick what u like :)


owh yeke.boleyla tgk die pny price affordable jgk xder mahal sgt ..Lagipun ada card membership die.rugi tak collect point :)