Friday, November 18, 2011

Pesta Ayam?

Hello hello,

First of all, hello November! Secondly, it's almost the end of the year, I am excited! Thirdly, Julia darling, congrats on your wedding! I loveeeee your beautiful dais :)

I was so lucky, period. Since I got back and made friends to whom I've known only over the email or the phone, I can gladly say that I've been to 2 hen parties to 2 of my new (not-so-new now friends). Whatever people are calling it, bachelorette or hen or hens party. The first one I attended/part of was Wanny's held at Cafe Barbera, Bangsar. Lovely place and so easy to find whilst the food was alright to some of us. The theme was purple, but I wore brown top because I didn't look at the invitation properly :D So bad of me!

 Wanny who's wearing white got a nice black see-through babydoll nightie from us muahaha!

The next one was for Julia which is already married to Azad on 11.11.11. Nice date huh?
We booked The Gardens Restaurant at Mid Valley, nice place too with the green grass and white furniture, somehow seems like you are having picnic in the garden somewhere with a girl playing the Piano in the white big cage. Wanny brought the cupcakes for us!

How did we surprised Julia? Let that be a history, but one thing for sure she was ecstatic with the surprise (We are sooo glad that you loved it Juls!)

A few of Julia's friends were there too - Nurin (on the right sitting next to me) and Linda (on the left).

We played the typical 'guess the answer' with the bride-to-be. The questions mostly was about Julia and her fiance (now husband) which turned out so fun. We had such a good time kenakan Julia :)

Then it's unveiling the ultimate hen party present time. We got her 'hoho' a few lacey knickers to enhance her booty (since it's the husband-to-be sort of favorite body part!). :D

A picture with Wanny.

One group photo.

And another group photo..

Last one with the bride-to-be (now Mrs!)

Overall, I'm loving thechance that I've been given to attend such lovely parties. I must assure you to attend one if you've not been to any yet or even organize one for your lovelies. Even if it was not a big party or the one with heavy decorations, a hen party is somehow at it's best intimate, cosy and with friends be it close or not. It's the right time to have that girlie chat about love, weddings and nonsense. And now I'm so looking forward for the next hen party. Anyone wanna ajak me to theirs? :D

Have a good Friday ladies! I know I will :)


DaZzlingLilLy said...

Tak sabar nk g wedding julia esok di penang..I think present yg I beli kt dia matching dgn knicker yg u all bg..hehe

Aida Narina said...

lilly: aww bestnya, takpe kasi peluang kat u tgk dia atas dais pula. yes yes biar matching tapi i taknak imagineeee hahaha :D

waNny said...

hahahahahaa.. i think the next hen party will be urs? :P

Aida Narina said...

wanny: hahaha! yes hopefully bila lah tuuu kan babe :D

heaven's for A & J said...

thanks for everything babe!!

& now it's your turn :))

hen party

confirm date cepat tau!

lily - memang matching, sib baik tak bukak depan family member kalau tak memang lepas tu i nyorok bawah katil..hahahaahah..