Wednesday, November 23, 2011

26th Birthday!

Today, 23rd Nov 2011 marked 26 years of the birth of my other half. We did celebrate at his favourite place last night, which is non other than Delicious but this time we picked the Bangsar outlet. Don't ask me why it has always been Delicious. Some even said the food was just alright, nothing to brag about, but Alan has been salivating for their Creamy Carbonara for a few weeks now, so I said why not! I'm having that Chocolicious Sundae too! :D

We started off with the onion rings which comes with the Aioli dip. Aioli is an interesting name for a food, so I said to Alan, we should name one of our children Aioli - combination of garlic, olive oil and egg. Sounds good?

Just in case Alan is still salivating for one, here's a picture for you to stop having it in your mind. 
You've made a pack with me hun!

The birthday boy enjoying the Creamy cheese (we even ask for extra cheese slices to make it cheesier and us happier!)

This is right after clearing up the plate. Boy the portion was big! I can still remember it till now!

Later, our good friend Sarep who just came back from Nottingham, UK (not for good though, he loves UK more than us) joined for the dessert. At first we (actually it was me!) wanted  to order two types of dessert but we ended up ordered only one which is the Chocolicious Sundae. Cannot believe those two boys not into desserts like I do.

Sarep who's mine and Alan's other half. So it's basically us three = complete! :D

Alan was so shy when I put the candle on the Sundae and Sarep helped in lighting it up. We sang happy birthday all the way for him - typical birthday celebration, but I liked it so much since both of my lovelies were there. Alan was happy to see his best bud too!

Blow the candle and let me eat the sundae!

With his birthday gift :)

A picture of us two taken using my iphone for the sake of remembering the moments when we turn old!

This might be cheesy, but here's one for you Alan!
Happy birthday to you sayang! I'm happy that you actually managed to clear the Carbonara on your plate last night. I'm happy that you liked the surprise birthday gift (even though I'm sure you already knew I brought something in that iphone 3G paperbag (obviously the gift was not an iphone) - unfortunately that gift can't fit into my small handbag). I'm happy that we have many things to plan and to fight and to be happy for in these coming weeks, months. Love you with all my heart.

Me, Calvin and Coco (oh! and sarep too!)


waNny said...

Happy birthday Alan.

<3 wanie&mie ;)

LisaLisut said...

ehhhh i kenal la si sarepp tuuu.hahahaha keciknya dunia. dia classmate i masa form 1 smpai form 3 kat mrsm terendak.hahahaha. mak dia ajar class i chemistry dulu. hehehe