Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Working Life

Many people has asked me about my post on trip to Brazil. Our top management you know they have power to let  people down at the very last minute, so that's what has happened to me recently.

Truthfully, I'm not going, not for the time being as what I've been told. It took me no longer than an hour to absorb the decision since everything was so sudden. Even my visa application to Brazil took merely less than 1 hour to complete. That quick! On the day they informed me I'll be sent to Sao Paolo for 3 months (or maybe longer), I was quite shocked since I was left with only 1 week before the departure date. I must have gone crazy if I were meant to go, so lonely over there. Anyway, my boss was right when he said it's better for me to stay longer in our Head office, learn as many as I can and do what's right. InsyaAllah..

So guess what, instead of they send me to Brazil, Brazil actually came to me! Macam mana tu? That's when I've received a duty to be an entertainer starting 3 weeks ago. A very helpful entertainer I must say! :D

Our company had 3 visitors from Rio, Brazil which stayed over in KL for 3 weeks. Being a Project Engineer, little that I know my duties do not just cover anything in the office, but as well when I'm outside. Everything seems very new since I was so used to only office workload. When working for outsiders, I was tasked by my boss (which is also an expatriate) to make sure that our visitors are comfortable with our office and factory environment, equipped with IDs, internet connection and such, including being their lunch partner. Before, it was all normal routine i.e. having lunch with couple of friends on a normal afternoon, then I ended up having lunch with our fellow partners and my boss! Yikes.

Not that I don't like my boss, he's great good-looking Irish man with blue eyes (please God, don't let my boss read this!) working so closely with my boss is a usual thing, but to have lunch with him and talking about things that we do outside of the office is not healthy, I think, maybe? Friends who know me well must surely understand why. I tend to talk freely and openly without noticing the appropriateness of certain things at certain time. So it is worrying to spill anything which can highly effect my boss's perceptions toward me.

Hence, when my boss and our 3 Consortium Partners from Rio invited me for a dinner or what they always call in Brazil as "happy hour", I straight away invited my other colleague, Shahirah to back me up :D

They booked the Hard Rock Cafe for the night.
I've been to a few in other countries, but not in Malaysia.So kesian.

That's me in the middle. On the right side is Fernanda, the Project Manager while on the left is Douglas, Scheduler both from MPE, Rio De Jenairo.
Group picture - Newton (MPE), Shahirah, my boss, Fernanda (MPE), me and Douglas (MPE).

I had a huge portion of ribs, but not as good as Tony Roma's.

It was such a good night! I've learnt a few new things - about my boss, people in Brazil and how they are like, new Portuguese words apart from Te Amor (which means I love you!) and most of all, experienced "Happy Hour" like working people in Brazil after a stressful time at the office.

Anyway, here's one for you. Eu amo todos vocês! (I love you all!)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Aida,
For the last 3 days I 've been spending my time reading your blog and today I 'qatam'.Its interesting to read stories from your student days up until your working life.Will look forward for more of your stories..