Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Explosion At Empire Shopping Gallery

While Raya post is still delayed tatau lagi berapa jam, I was shocked to hear that there's an explosion that happened at around 3am in the Empire Shopping Gallery building. I used to go there quite often meeting up my girlfriends and sometimes passing handbag orders to the customers. It's the nearest mall to my old house which is in Bukit Jelutong. I no longer live there as I've moved out to Damansara Perdana 2 months ago.

By the way, the explosion was said to occurred from the Starbucks and this is what I got from The Star today..

"SUBANG JAYA: Two people were injured while more than 300 people rescued and evacuated when an explosion occurred inside the Starbucks outlet at the Empire Subang here early Wednesday.

Four people, who were trapped in the lower ground floor of the shopping complex that also houses a boutique hotel, were rescued by firemen from the Subang Jaya Fire and Rescue Department.
The 3.45am gas tank explosion that happened at the outlet located on the lower ground floor also damaged two other floors of the complex.
The injured, a Nepali security guard and a local who sustained cuts caused by falling shattered glass, were sent to the hospital for treatment.
Subang Jaya Fire and Rescue department operations chief Harry said firemen from subang Jaya were assisted by their colleagues from PJ and surrounding areas in evacuating the hotel guests numbering more than 300 people."

The photos are from Google.

Too bad, I'm sure it will took a few months for the shops to recover. 


zailamohamad said...

akak tunggu entry raya je is the last day of Shawal dah tau;)


Ni mesti sah2 LPG piping system leaked. Bahaya betul. Maintenance isu nie..


Maintenance isu nie.. Bahaya kalau xdipantau. LPG leaked. Ish2

Miasuraya said...

Haha tu lah pasal. Mana entry raya?

Btw you stayed in BJ before? Where? So we were neighbors!