Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Alexa.. Ops!

No.. It's not Alexa, but it's Alexis!

On a one fine day my friend Wanny sent me a text.. "let's meet, Thurday at Midvalley. Julia pun ada". I was actually happy to finally have a reason to see these two lovely ladies (and to finally take a break from the normal routines). It's not often for people to see me in Midvalley or the Gardens (don't get me started on KLCC or even Pavilion. Darn, it's very unfortunate that Shah Alam is very far from these malls). The furthest that I can go is One Utame that's simply because it's just next to my new office :D

So our girls-night-out was a casual outing which I like. We headed to The Gardens to see what's happening in there. That was actually my second time, while my first time was back then when the shops have already closed! Oh-my, it simply reminds me of Selfridges or much like the Designer Village, Westfield London which I've always visited during the good old times. Rows and rows of designer outlets. When I talked to Alan about them, I was shocked to know that Pavilion is actually much better! -_- Now, where am I this past 1 year! 

Then after a good time browsing all the nice stuffs (pretty seasonal colours though - cabbage green, watermelon red, sky blue etc) we headed to Alexis. I must emphasized that I've heard about Alexis a lot - on facebook, blogs and from word of mouth. It has stylish interiors, warm hospitality and delicious food. At least that's what they said on the menu. So far, I'm not favouring the food, but loving the cosy environment! A good place to catch up with your dearest friends.

Wanny brought along her reception dress that she wore on her husband's side. It's a lovely royal blue chiffon dress which looked like a two-piece dress. There are white detailing (patch pearls) she did herself and the dress looked really stunning!

Julia busy examining the dress. Btw, I had the exact same one in pink, turquoise and yellow (but w/out the detailing). We did these dresses back during our trip to Ho Chi Min City last few months.

This is what both of them had - beef lasagne. Very generous portions. 

Alexis pavlova.
So far I've tried the one from Serai and both have a distinct texture. I think I'm all into dessert lately :D

These two darlings shared one...

And I had one all alone hehe..

Should start work soon, have a good Tuesday everyone! :)

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