Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wanny's Solemnization Day: Tying The Knot

Wedding is like my next best friend after Alan and Calvin now. Considering that at this time of age, most of my dear friends are planning to get married, so it's a must for me and Alan to attend at least one wedding in a fortnight. This time around I got to be part of this beautiful wedding for 2 days in a row. I took a day leave on Friday then stayed overnight at Wanny's house since Thursday night in Putra Heights.

Wanny which I've only known for total of 10 months (we started meeting each other a day after I arrived back in Malaysia) is like a big sister to me. Since then we casually seeing each other and be friends. She seems to know everything that's happening now. She's very helpful when it comes to giving information. Oh boy, she's our shopping savior back when we were shopping in Ho Chi Min City. We rarely talk over the phone but casually texting each other when we feel to. It's normal I guess as I'm not that kind of person who loves talking to friends on the phone like any others. A text meant a lot to me so that I know what they are doing and that I'm still one of their friends :D. A face-to-face chats over a coffee or a proper brunch/dinner would do great for me..

The most interesting about us is that we've known each other through our blogs. That's when I met another dear friend, Julia whom I've known also through blogging. It feels weird to know someone else over the internet, but somehow I think it's good because you'll learn to click with someone who is not in your circle. Yeah something useful that I learn off lately - networking..

On my dear friend's solemnization day, it was held on a Friday afternoon (right after Friday prayer). Wanny wore a white beautiful piece made of chiffon and lace patches from Lynda Rahim boutique which I think is very sweet and elegant. It looks good on her!

I truly adore her dais. I think it's clean and classic with the 'ukiran' as the background. 

Another favourite make-up artist which I love, Kak Mimi. She's good and that she's offering much lower rate than the others that I love.

Wanny's bed. The unbalance curtain was not on purpose. The left side fell off right before I took this picture. Me and Julia put the rose petals on the bed to make it more romantic..

The pretty self-made hantaran decorations made by Wanny herself. 

Almost done with the Make-up..

Bridesmaids - Julia, Me and Alia

Wanny looking absolutely gorgeous in her solemnization dress. Suka the intricate beadings and kain ruffle tu..

Me fooling around in Wanny's walk-in wardrobe.. Love it hun!

A few pictures that I took from her offical photographer's fb page. Very lovely! 

Babe, I must say this! U just can't stop smiling in each of the pictures okay! Love it babe! :)

My shoes dress..

To be continued... :)


isma said...

love the walk-in-wardrobe..arrghh nak jugak!!

waNny said...

babe .. i terharu u buat post walaupun dah nak 2 bulan :D .. love u babe. now wait for julia turn. mesti kite macam orang gile gak. hahahha .. i kene jadi bibik mcm die jadi bibik dekat i.. hehehehe :p

and then will be yours kan kan kannnn .. to melaka we go!!~~ hahahahaha

<3 you babes..

p/s: happy everything went well sebab tu i cant stop smiling .. cube tengok before .. im a nervous rack! hahahah

waNny said...
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sue said...

i love ur shoes. where to get??

Lyna Shaari said...

aida.muka ur friend mcm iras2 aktress ziela jalil classic n unic die punye face.heeeeee...btw lina suke walk in wardrobe die tuw..heeeeeee.

waNny said...

Hai lyna.. Ramai gile cakap muke I mcm ziela jalil !! Hahahahahah .. :")

I take that as a compliment ;)