Monday, June 20, 2011

An Update

Pretty occupied with tons of work from the office could be my best reason of the lack of updates. As I am approaching 12 months of being with my current company, I will need to complete a few different tasks including an activity that I personally has been longing to be part of. It's the grand finale to my time as an engineering trainee and part of the duties as a human being. I assure that it's very interesting and everyone else should consider. But let's put that properly in my next entry. InsyaAllah, I promise :)

On another note, I ate a lot and gained weight, loving and living life to the fullest. trying to adjust and absorb a few serious matters that are happening in my life lately and and not even once regretted any of it :)

Let's cherish Monday!

My blue bows loose top that is so cheap which costs me RM28 and cute enough to cover what's appropriate.


reena said...

We miss u Aida Narina!

isma said...

u mention u gained weight but u don't have double chin kan?i yang kurus lidi ni pun ada double chin.stress okay?**sigh**

Aida Narina said...

reena: me miss u too reena reena :)

Aida Narina said...

isma: u should have seen my thigh and my back hehe. omg, u must be stressful abt that. cuba baca kevin zahri's blog. he made an entry about ways to reduce double chin. might be useful :)

durra abd razak @ kocikin... said...

ooh...sama laa kita cik aida...just imagine, went back 1 month gained 8kg!! haishh...the sedap n can one resist??? ._<