Thursday, June 02, 2011

On Calvin

As far as I remembered, I have not talked a lot about my cat, Calvin. I'm not sure why, but I have not talked a lot about myself too. But this time Calvin should be in the limelight. It's Calvin's day ladies.. :D

In the area around my house, I always found 3 to 5 neglected kittens wondering around every single day. You see, it hurts me so much seeing kittens or cats not having a proper shelter and food. It's just like seeing my very own cat wondering around begging for food with his big eyes (and big tummy). Back in the UK, it's hard to see stray cats on the road. The ones that I found surely had a collar on them means that they are owned by someone. That's because the authorities there are very strict when it comes to protecting these active creatures.

Calvin, 2-months old.

Calvin was actually owned by two good friends of mine (husband and wife), Wan and Safura. They both owned Calvin's father and mother. Then I adopted Calvin a few weeks before I went back to Malaysia for good, which was in July 2010. Back then, Calvin was tiny 2-months old. But he was not able to travel back because of his age. Lucky Wan and Safura are willing to take care of Calvin until he reaches 6 months old so that he could travel back to Malaysia by air. I think it was end of November that Calvin boarded the plane with a dear friend, Hana to finally be with me.

Calvin, a healthy gebu 7-months kitten. Mix of Maine Coon, Persian and a British short hair.

When I look at my not-so-little maine coon kitten (he's not even 1 year old but already grew up like any matured cats), I always thought how lucky he is to have someone to provide him with constant supply of food. Not any ordinary food, but with those expensive ones that could empty my monthly pocket. In order to make sure that Calvin's fur maintain gebu and clean, I gave him good quality cat food, took him for a weekly shower and even brush his hair everyday. Humph memang ngada-ngada sangat! But I love him and he is my baby..

He likes to stare at people with his big round eyes asking for the food in people's hand. You know pussy in the boots. Yeah, like that!

This was the time he played with me and scratched my hand so deep I had to take 3 rounds of antibiotics on my butt! I felt it was nothing, but it turned out to be serious. I guess love can make you do anything. Chehh..

His favourite - catch the crumpled papers and bring it to Mommy and tarik-tarik tali.

And today my Calvin is turning 1 year old. I guess he's no longer will be eating kitten's food. He should now live a healthy life with a female cat (if you know what I mean) and have cute babies. Be all matured and responsible. Or he shall not do that and be mummy's favourite kitten for another month.. Haha..

"Mommy, I want a grooming trip as my birthday gift" - Calvin.

"-_-" - Mummy

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