Saturday, May 07, 2011

A Little Celebration

A few days ago marked 6 months of Alan's returning home to Malaysia for good. Imagine how time passes by so fast and from being a student, he became a stay-at-home man. I am pretty sure he dislikes the idea but it will rather be more exciting if we are married and have our own children. He would be useful to babysit the kids when I'm out to work :D (You know I'm jokin Alan!)

Knowing Alan, he's hard working and adventurous. Full of excitement towards all those big things that are happening in his life like footballs, footballs and many more of that footballs ..But in the end, a proper and decent job is what he needs for him to hold on to. To prove to me and others of what he's capable of. Not so much on footballs anymore..

The period of securing a job for him was a drama to both of us. Graduated with a Finance and an Engineering Masters do not mean that he can easily be called for any interviews let alone getting a job. You can't easily register with Jobstreet, upload your resume and wake up the next day with a list of companies calling you up for interviews (yeah, even with two Masters). In real life, things do not work that way. A few close friends of ours assumed that Alan might be over-qualified for most of the job posts, and I think with no working experience, that could be a let down especially for someone with good academic qualifications.

Throughout the period of 6 month (or specifically for the last 3 months), I was actually turning to a green monster vigorously reminding him to apply for more job posts. I was pretty bored (and jealous actually) knowing that he's able to stay at home doing nothing while I work to save money for us (I bet!). The thing is I just want him to enjoy the working life as much as I do, that's it.

But having a jealous girlfriend is actually great because when I turned green, I became hulk and I've made all the crazy efforts like approaching my HR manager for her recommendations. I'm thankful that we both have the connections. Guess what, she always refer to me for fashion tips and whatnot which I think is always appropriate. Yeah, I'm useful like that in the office :D She was all in to make sure that Alan's resume can be recognized. I am thankful to her that finally Alan has been called for a few interviews with a few different banks for the past few weeks!

Yeah, life is not that easy, but with all the necessary contacts, we finally survived! Alhamdulillah and that after a few stages of interviews from a few different companies, Alan has finally secured a place :)

Hence, a little celebration is much needed..

We picked Delicious because of the dessert and simply because we were at One Utama at that time :)

Can't remember the drinks but Alan had lasagne and I had speghetti carbonara (Serai has better carbonara I think) :) Yeah, I'd die without my Chocolicious!

And a successful attempt of wearing a maxi skirt with 5-inch wedges! 

Alan is due to start in a week time and at the same time will be attending a few other interviews with other investment banks :) I'm happy and thankful to God as He let us met these wonderful people..

Let's enjoy weekend! :)


ileena said...

congratulations is hard but you've made it through, alhamdulillah. all the best in the working world :)

Aida Narina said...

thanks ileena! yes you are right! student life i guess was much easier than working life. i'm sure we all will survive it well :) can't wait u are coming back very soon..

ladyLOVESleisure said...

aida, congrats on Alan's new job -- soon we'll be hearing wedding bells ;p. you look great btw sister! love love love the blazer with maxi look and oh, have you been working out? you look smashing Xxx

Aida Narina said...

ladyLOVESleisure: Thanks darling! insyaAllah hehe. I'm already way ahead when it comes to my age, so need to push alan forward. Just tried the look and loving it! BTW, your posts inspired me a lot too and I must say that you are gorgeous hun!

Sakinah Lo said...

Sis... I wanna know about ur height and weight.... cuz I wan to try the maxi skirt also but but ashamed yet cause I am kinda chubby...huhuhu....