Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Light And Easy

I know. I'm bad when it comes to updating this space. I will always let the pictures do all the talking (be it pictures of myself, Calvin or the bags I'm selling -_-). ..And whenever I decide to write, my brain just can't co-operate. It's normal that I've always had this feeling of not being able to write but in the end I actually can. It's happening to everyone I guess. 

My dearest Alan reminded me a few days ago that I owe him entries of my recent trips to a few different cities - Medan, Ho Chi Min even and on our very last trip together to Amsterdam and Paris. Plus a lot has happened - career and health wise. I just started fresh in a new department called 'system engineering' (concentrating on hardcore engineering - computer aided engineering top with hands-on jobs). Plus... I have great news to tell, I've started practising Yoga for two months now and really loving the changes it has made to my body, but this should wait in another entry :)

Let's hope Tuesday will be a light and easy day!

So, while I was blog hopping, I accidentally found a video clip of this singer 'Najwa Mahiaddin' and yes she's our very own Malaysian artist. Not sure if everyone is familiar with this name, but I'm actually not as lately I don't listen to songs like I used to. The only sweet time for me to enjoy any songs is while driving and that includes not enjoying switching channels when there are too many ads in between. UK Top 40 was my favourite top chart which I'll download and listen to over and over again back when I was studying. 

Najwa I must say is a talented singer! I love this particular song 'You Got To Go'. It's very catchy!

Najwa reminds me a lot of 'Adele', one of another favorite singer of mine. I used to listened to her powerful singing over and over while stucking my face reading Engineering Materials back in Uni (but nah, even listening to a good song doesn't mean that I scored this subject. I'm actually suck at reading -_-).

Here's Adele Laurie Blue Adkins which is an English singer-songwriter.
She's 2 years younger than me and described her music style as 'heartbroken soul'..

Now, I'm sure you'll agree with her! :)

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