Friday, April 29, 2011

My Friday Thoughts

Ever since I started something that I love and been longing to do for a very long time (which I promise to discuss in details later), I felt that I'm more in control of myself. Before this I often felt a little bit out of tune when the stress level/workloads increased like there's no tomorrow. That does not also include the fact that I have a long list of things to do for myself and my family. Things like, what to wear to work tomorrow, have I paid the bills, when am I able to get Calvin a partner (Calvin is my cat if you are wondering), which friends to meet this weekend, when to do my groceries shopping and yada yada. You get my point right? 

There are so many things to handle and to think off at a point of time. These things sometimes are too heavy for me to carry on especially when I'm trying to juggle as many as I can in life. And it must be done with my only two hands and one mind.

Even though the fact that I've tried as hard as I can to please myself and my loved ones, I learned that most importantly is to compose and to regain back my energy level. Sometimes all you got to do is to 'keep calm and carry on' in order to not give up, at least not halfway. Despite of all the bits and pieces that are happening, I'm thankful for many great things that I've accomplished within these 9 months. If I were to describe it here, it could take most of my time tonight, which I don't think I have. It's already 12midnight and I'm way too tired to think -_-. At least for now.

But all I got to say is that I am happy and content :)

Happy Friday everyone! Work hard! :)

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