Sunday, April 17, 2011

DiscountDeal & Mercy ChariTup

Three of our (me and Alan) beloved friends just started a business and we are really excited for them. Maybe you've heard of Milkadeal and Groupon, but have you heard of DiscountDeal? DiscountDeal has a concept exactly like other discount websites that are offering special deals up to 90% discount in various cities in Malaysia. You basically will be updated everyday with the best deal in town when you subscribe to them. You visit the website, buy the deal and enjoy it.

DiscountDeal made its debut a few weeks ago and as a start they collaborate with 'Malaysian Social Network Users' and celebrities of Malaysia to help 'Mercy Malaysia' to raise fund by having a charity event called 'ChariTup'. This event was held last Saturday from 3pm-6pm at Rasta@TTDI. We arrived as early as 2.30pm to secure our seats :)

BTW, I knew these 3 lovely guys while studying back in the UK and thought that it's nice of them to give back to the community as a start of their business..

We came all the way from Shah Alam to support Fieky, Mel and Shaq.

The founder of DiscountDeal Malaysia, Mel (Left) and Fieky (Right)
Shaq was in the UK to attend his wife's graduation.

A few of familiar faces, Andy from Flop Poppy with his sons playing the guitar and the drum. The guy on the left is the best beatboxer I've ever knew!

Above right - Fazley Yaakob, Above left - Asyik (he sang all 3 songs beautifully!). Below right - a lady called 'Luna'

Can't believe my eyes when I saw Ami from ami.sptnkswthrt! I'm wearing your Schanaz scarf girl! :) Enjoying ice-creams while listening to those talented artists.

With Ana Raffali y'all! :) She's darn sweet and cute!

All in all, I guess the event was a success. There are about 8 performers performing for that day but when counted, it seems like there are moreee than that! They really are doing this for the people in need :)

I've also seen a few local actors/actresses like Tiz Zaqyah, Iqram Dinzly, Nabila Huda, Fouziah Gous and a few others that attended the event. Apparently my friend Mel are friends to them! Mel, I don't know that you are this famous! Hehe. Me and Alan really had a blast apart being able to meet celebrities in Malaysia, we were able to donate to whoever might need our contribution. Good job DiscountDeal!

To those who would like to donate to Mercy Malaysia, there are still time! You can always donate by buying a RM3 voucher (or more than this in fact if you would like to give more) from DiscountDeal. And there's only 15hours left to buy the voucher so hurry up!

You can like them on Facebook too! :)


reena said...

U look bertambah gorgeous & different dgn scarf style baru ni! :D Kot mana pun u look gorgeous lah Aida. Hehe. :D

kak ijan said...

Salam Aida,
Good luck with your business.Suke scarf Aida tu.. perfect on you :)

isma said...

aida,teringin la pakai this style..but I look terrible..tak berani nak pakai kat luar.kang orang terkejut tgk!huhu

ileena said...

would love to join such event! if only i'm home by now.hehe.i've been with Mercy for quite sometime already and looking fwrd for their more adventurous mission.
yes aida you're adorable!i like the way you have your scarf on.:)

Aida Narina said...

reena: thank u reena, i'm experimenting the bunny style from hana :D plus, just bought that satin scarf, so there's the need to start wearing it :)

Aida Narina said...

Kak ijan: Hi dearie, thanks! I love the scarf too, it's very soft yet do not slip easily. Tapi kene pakai full cotton inner :)

Aida Narina said...

isma: hehe, just try it isma! people will look at you bcos you'll look different, not bcos you look weird :D once in a blue moon, cuba lah :)

Aida Narina said...

ileena: woah, once you are back, do invite me to mercy events okay? i would loveee to help but dunno how to start - should i contact them or what? yang ni i just support from far. okay, promise you'll invite me to mercy events k? Xx