Tuesday, March 29, 2011

On Lula

Little Lula is going to leave Mummy Aida tomorrow for London. She's visiting the city for 2 weeks as her daddy got work to do. I'm pretty sure she'll be enjoying the weather as much as I did (long long time ago!). Mummy Aida will be going to miss her chubby face and cute cheeky voice!

On Lula, she can say 'hello' to people very well when she's on the phone. And nowadays she laughed very hard when she's playing with her toys (or with Daddy Lan). I don't know why, but one thing for sure, she's a happy kiddo that is..

Oh pretty little Lula, I'm sure you gonna be an amazing (big) sister! :D

See you in 2weeks with lots of gifts for me and Daddy Lan ok? :D

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