Friday, March 11, 2011

My Dearest Kaywun's Engagement Day

It has been ages since I last write here. Work is really piling up at the office and last week was the busiest week ever since the start of 2011. I've experienced something new. Something that I really wasn't expect to happen in my life. Something surreal..

You know when you want to do it, you gotta do it. Putting aside your fear, everything can definitely happen. The lack of experience and knowledge should come later. You can always catch up with that in a quick second. That's what I've been thought in the Engineering world. You will never know what will happen not until you experience it yourself. Engineers build trains not because we have experienced it firsthand. But because we want to make it and learn from the whole process. We'll then learn and gain experiences along the way. That's what make us. I think that's why the society trusts Engineers can survive other job opportunities (i.e. Finance and business) apart being just an engineer by profession. Because we are brave enough to try and differ ourselves than being just plain and normal. Even this lady which I adore her encouragement battling for cancer which is also a fashonista now businesswoman is very successful in the fashion industry. Not to forget, she's an engineer too :)

I'm sure other professions have their own criterias and capabilities too. We are contributing in our own different ways either to our religion, to the society and to the world.

By the way, back to that something that I did last week. Apart from being an engineer understanding the whole process of making a monorail, running online businesses, teach school kids, I can do decorations too! I just figured out that I've such creative fingers!! :D

I can make these pretty! (under the room lighting)
Hence this could explain my previous entry :D
No, I'm still not engaged. But will definitely be in the near future, hehe.

This is under the natural light.

The idea of doing this was mine after hearing the news that my dearest friend, K-run is getting engaged (she's one of my closest friends). So, me with the other two of my friends (Wanie and Azza - which happened to be my desk mates back in MRSM Jasin) put our heads together to make this to happen :). And guess what, all three of us me, azza and wanie are engineers too! :D


Prayer mat.

Baklava from Saudi.

White cloth for solemnization.

Patchi chocolates.
See the birds kissing? Cuteness :D

Sirih junjung.

The simple and pretty mini-dais for engagement.
Noticed the heart at the center made of fresh flowers? We also made that! Teheee..

Bestie looking good!

Truly happy and at the same time envying her for her gorgeous engagement.
They only knew each other for one (very short) month and they are advanced than me!


I think it was the best experience I've ever had. I will never know what are the outcomes at the very first place. But one thing for sure, I'm truly happy as I've put 100% effort into this so-called project :) This is just part of life. Friends will try to make each others happy!

And I love you kaywun! :)


LisaLisut said...

omg.u did tht?wow.gile creative.bole tlg buatkan hntrn i la nnt?hihi.tlg deko.heeeeeee

how old r u? i ex mrsm terendak.haha.batch 1998-2002 ;p

Wanie Noor Hazwani said...

aida..gambar2 kita takde?hehe..tgn engineer tak semestinye kasar je kan?hehehe...=)

Aida Narina said...

lisa: hehe, everyone can do it too inc u :) bolehhhh, okay fill out some form hehe..eyyy, we are at the same age! i was in kk back in 98-00 and moved to jasin from 2001-2003 :)

lilRed Farah said...

i TOTALLY agree in the engineers part! Most of the business partners are engineers too n bukan calang2.Siap dpt scholarship n working at high end company, but yeah, we are the people under the same group that dare to take challenges and will never give up trying and making things perfect. Bangga sekejap. fuh fuh. =)

on the other note, u have such a creative hands!

Aida Narina said...

wanie: nak upload nanti!! :D hehe..yes yes, we are open for anything kan kan? lucky to have u and azza around :)

Aida Narina said...

lilRed Farah: hehe, i think it was all bcos of the pain-in-the-ass syllabus and the hardships we all hv been through for the last 3-4 years. i hope i can always challenge myself to do something better for myself and for others. let's us! :D thanks on the compliment. i think it's the most beautiful thing i've ever did hehe :D

eMaH SoMeL said...

so nice.. :)