Monday, February 21, 2011

Lagi Dan Lagi (Apa Lagi) :D

--------------ORDER EXTENDED LAGI DAN LAGI!-----------------

Now open for order: the fourth batch!! FYI, the bags will be on their way to the airport this Wednesday evening (Malaysia time). And will arrive in Malaysia on THURSDAY, 21st Feb 2011! U read me ladies. It is that quick and even I can't believe it! :D

So, there are still spaces left for this fourth batch!
If you would like to order, you can always do it now right until tomorrow, Tuesday, 22nd Feb 2011 before 10pm (Malaysia Time). Sorry for the late info, but I'm sure you get the benefit out of this :)

I thought this will be a one time thing. Like once in a few months or twice in a year. But due to numerous requests, I can now confirm that I'm taking order every month! I'm sure this will help many of you ladies who are still figuring on what to purchase (waiting for the right time maybe?) :). BTW, I will save the details on my newly found business on my next entry. Hehe.

So, the details on how to purchase:

If you have already figured out what to get, just email me the details at


quote you the price in ringgit.

Confirm orders and make the payment.

(Full payment required upon confirmation)

Or if any of you ex-customers who already got my number, simply text me!
Quick, now! Thanks ladies!

p/s: For previous entries on designer items, click here and here.

p/s/s: Any Chanel lovers who would like to know the current price, do email me. Would love to share the complete list of the price :)


Anonymous said...

hi sis. would be grateful if u could send me the details.
kak su

isma said...

dear,glad that you are now taking order every month.
am just waiting for the right time to get my first designer bag :D hihi

Aida Narina said...

kak su: replied :)

isma: i'm glad to help u isma! :) do send your orders anytime kay? :)

diana said...

hi aida.
would be grateful if u could send me the details for:
Gucci Sukey Medium in offwhite/Brown trimming.
Longchamp La Pliage.


Aida Narina said...

Diana: Replied to your mail dearie :) Thanks so much! :)