Monday, February 07, 2011

Kasa Rubia Kebaya

Work is really piling up whether in the office or at home. That's the reality of 9-5 working in the office and 8-12 working at home. So I guess a simple entry will do for the time being :).

I had a really long and fun CNY celebration and weekend gateway in Melaka. It's more of a laid-back, makan-makan gateway and this time around me, cousins, uncles, aunties and grandma were all excited since Alan were there with us enjoying the good food the city can offer. But as usual, the lengthy entry should wait. I hope this one will do :)

I'm wearing my grandma's old kasa rubia kebaya she owned from back in the 70's. Kasa Rubia apparently was really famous among the ladies and cost a lot more than any other materials for kebaya. This vintage piece was owned by my grandma and now she presented this and two others to me for my birthday :).

I'm so grateful for these lovely (vintage) presents!
(Apart from a little bit of alterations that need to be done)

Baiklah, lets get back to work.
Happy Monday lovelies..:)

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