Thursday, January 27, 2011

Order Extended to midnight

Lunch break
. The office is empty, and I'm at my desk replying to emails. Sacrifice the time for lunch to do something else. Hehe. Come on people, send some more orders to my email. Keep on asking questions and bombard anything you want. Only on handbags je lah, none other :).

Orders extended to tonight 12 midnight. I will then later make the final call and say - "okay luggage dah penuh tak boleh fit handbags lagi, haha" :D

aida.ghaffar(at)gmail(dot)com :)

Orders so far - Miu Miu Bow Bag, Prada saffiano wallet, Gucci Sukey Medium, Miu Miu leather wallet and the list go on..



lynn said...

list kan price handbag dlm blog u x boleh? kalau harga ok terus email utk confirm kan

Aida Narina said...

lynn: sorry dear, i can't reveal all the prices here. there are sooo many handbags to consider. the best thing to do is to email me :) thanks!

Uchi kay-f @hmad said...

cik aida u ade buat dropshipper ke?