Friday, January 14, 2011

Older And Wiser?

Let's just see if I can publish this today (I've been doing this since Monday and kept on neglecting it after each para)..-_-

I can't believe that I'm this old. Can someone remind me of my real age? It felt like two days ago that I turned 21. And just last Monday that I turned (even) older. Okay, I'm still in denial to admit my age. Will still be until the next 10th January 2012 or maybe a bit later. Sigh..

But on a brighter note, I have this perception that if I'm still not married, I'm still young! So that's just to calm myself from looking back at the increasing numbers. Hehe. Really is a pity thing but let's just stick to it while we can shall we? Anyone wanna join the boat?!

As for the celebrations, until today I only had 1 celebration(s) with none other than Alan. But, will have another celebration at mum's place next weekend since my birthday falls on the same month with 2 of my little brothers (15th Jan and 31st Jan). Plus there will be another celebration somewhere end of January at some place outside Malaysia. Can't wait to put my tourist boots on :D

So, let me remind you that I was on leave last Monday - remember the 'cuti peristiwa'? :) There's a purpose of taking the leave, which is for me to have that 'me' time (and spend some time with my cat, Calvin). Calvin is pretty much neglected during the day time because me and my brother (who are living with me) are always busy with work. Hence, whenever time permits, I'll definitely entertain that little rascal. It's a must for us to play 'throw and catch' everyday as he's fast in running, catching and bringing things that I've thrown to him especially crumpled papers! And he enjoyed it so much :D If he's not a cat, he might be an energetic dog :)

So, halfway through the day, I changed my mind and spent the day with Alan (because he secretly not wanting to share with me of his plans for my birthday!). The thing is that this year I've made a packed with him to not have any big celebration or an expensive gift. I've had enough of that ever since I can remember living until this very age. I think I should keep it low (maybe just) this time around and get back to that when I'm better at managing my savings (and his too). There's just so many things to consider and all that require hugeee savings. Cars, houses etc. Moreover, on how determine I am upon not having any presents for my birthday. I call it self determination. Do you think it's easy not to brag about not getting any birthday presents? Sigh..See, where's my determination now?

So, my text to Alan a few days before my birthday was something like this - "I'd say no to a big celebration or a gift this year, but I hope you can polish on your how-to-surprise-me skills. Surprise me this year! With anything" :). Yes, Alan is not good at that. So this will be the right time for him to practice..

On the day before my birthday (Sunday), I went out with my girlfriend for a girly shopping trip. The outing went a little bit longer as we headed for a Sauna and a jakuzi session at her house a bit later. So that was until 8pm. As I arrived home, I got carried away by the AJL showed on TV3, so that's until 11.30-12 midnight? So, where's the surprise if you are wondering?

Eventually, Alan did asked me that morning of the plans I had for myself. Told him that we are going shopping and then maybe a late lunch, that's it. That was then at the very last minute I decided to extend our girlie outing and got carried away in the hot sauna. I should warn you that thing can turn into an addiction when you end up sweating yourself like a pig! It really is and you should try it!..Being a nice (and cute) boyfriend he is, he said to just go ahead with my plans (as if like he's just asking it without a purpose). Later on I realized that I must have missed the surprises that he had planned for me -_-

But he made up to it by asking on where should we go for a birthday supper. So I asked for the chicken burger special with cheese for this year (really not wanting any fancy celebration) and we had it on the hill somewhere in Shah Alam (Alan told me it was next to Istana). It was dark everywhere, so we sat under the brightest road light and leave the car lights on. It was unbelievable that we saw a car in the dark with people in it doing mushy things. They should really get a room! That's when we realized it's not really a romantic place and we made our way home before anything can happen..

A burger and a big gulp!
I should really congratulate myself for not wanting any fancy birthday supper!

So, on my birthday itself (Monday), there's still nothing and it was really getting on my nerves as I am expecting something or even worse Alan had planned nothing for me -_-. So I decided to propose something (almost a fancy treat). Off we went that afternoon to Delicious OU to have that Chocolicious Sundae. We also had the Choc brownies with choc sauce and vanilla ice cream on top and ended up nearly killing ourselves with those sugars. But both taste really nice!

Here is the Chocolicious sundae that I've kept coming back for more.
And the hot choc brownies, choc sauce and vanilla ice-cream.
Ready for the sugars!

Now, all cleaned up!

Then we headed to the cinema to watch Meet The Parents: Little Fockers. So, that's it people! Like really, that's it. Haha. I'm sad!

On our back home that night, I did asked Alan about the surprises and he confessed to me that he did planned something on the day before my birthday! He had wanted to drive me up the hill to a place call Ampang Look Out Point with a stunning view of the KL city. He even wanted to show me the view during sunset from the hill and then had our dinner there. The view really is breathtaking. But I turned down all his plans since I had other plans for myself..Dang!

Just see for yourself..

Picture is taken from
He's good when it comes to reviewing restaurants and good spots for food around KL :)

Nice isn't it? Maybe this year was not about wanting an exclusive dinner and expensive gifts after all. I should save that for next year and ask Alan for a gift instead..:D But, it was about being patient and to cherish those moments you had with your special someone. Those little things can go a long wayyy..:) Cheessssy, but true..

On another note, today will be my last day at the current department (which already is the 4th department since I've started serving for the company). Starting next week, it will be a challenging week for me as I'll be working alongside merely all boys! Tough environment but yet it will be a great experience for my CV! Factory and production, here I come..Now, where's my safety boots and helmet? Wish me luck :)


CiKaYu said...

ooo myyy....alan make sure nxt year surprise party tu on k...happy belated birthday aida.

Aida Narina said...

cikayu: thanks dearie! and thanks for reading the entry. i tot it was the longest entry ever, people will not even read it :D

fizamior said...

happy birthday my dear darling! a year older, wiser, sexier, cuter, bla bla bla... (the list goes on. hahahaha)

love you doll!

Suzie said...

i read it until the last word..hehe..suka style u,simple but still elegant :)

cc said...

happy belated birthday babe. semoga dimakbulkan segala doa dan impian :)

Uchi kay-f @hmad said...

pergh licin tue...hi3 ;p

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

I saw you at Kam's wedding the other day because I saw Alan. But was too shy to say hi plus, I was catching up with some old friends. Haha. By the way, I hope it's not too late but happy birthday! :))

SoFiA.opY said...

Aida Comel!

feewit!mesti dalam banyak2 part of ur body, jari u paling runcing sebab pergh gila panjang la this entry!haha

Aida.Bila u nak ajar Azzah and i that Winter-Style thingy tu?Gaji i dah keluar ni!


bye :p

Hanafedora said...

Aida sayang!! happy birthday :( too bad I wasn't in msia to have a celebration :(

O'gosh said...

Happy belated birthday dearie..