Sunday, January 02, 2011

Of Friends And Friendship Part II


Finally, 2011 has arrived! Happy new year everyone!! :) Alhamdulillah..

On welcoming 2011, this year somehow was a bit the same as last year. It was more of a relaxing celebration, stay at home, spending time with the family. Nothing fancy. As far as I remembered, last year I was busy with exam preparations upon celebrating the arrival of 2010. So I did nothing much other than studying (and maybe watching tv series on my laptop). It was pretty boring you know celebrating new year while back in the UK. Or maybe I'm a boring person. Yes, I know I am. Haha. Nak buat macam mana. I just don't care. All I care was my exams papers.

I'm sure everyone had the best time on New Year's eve the other night. Out of all, the fireworks show still is the best kick-start to a new year. The sound, the colourful and different designs of the fires are just so wonderful. Too bad I wasn't able to see it for myself. Maybe someone is nice enough to get one for my birthday which happen to be in a few days time :D *wink*wink*

As for my resolutions, wishlists and the purpose of life for 2011, I shall just put that in another entry. This might take me a while to write as I personally have sooo many things to achieve this year. I believe all of us do. Hehe..

And this entry is again specially dedicated to a friend whom I just knew 6 months back through blogging. Yes, blogging can you believe it! Let me put it this way. It never occurs to me actually that I'll make friends with anyone from blogsphere. This blog is mainly for me and myself. Other than that, it's for my customers to get to know me just as I started setting up a business selling Tie Rack scarves, clothes and handbags. Non other.

Later as this blog reached 2 years and now more, I've been able to make friends from all over the internet. Many I've met personally as my customers and blogger friends, some became just friends and a few became good friends of mine :) I sometimes received great emails from some of the bloggers too be it about my blogshop or any random questions. It's just meaningful to me to be part of their routines.

So here you go.

Meet Julia, a blogger friend and also one of my customers.
She got engaged on the 31st December.
I was lucky to be part of her special day :)

Me, Julia and Wanny.
The three of us met for the very first time in July 2010 and close since then.
We somehow get along well.

I think it's the best thing that's happening to me lately. Of old friendships and new friendships. Apart from the catching up with my old girlfriends (not saying em old or what hehe), I was able to have that quality time with the new ones. I really missed spending times with my girlfriends so badly (the close ones) while I was back in the UK. I went back to Malaysia for every Summer break. But usually it will be for a month or less since I stayed a little bit longer in UK to work. And all the time I have left in Malaysia is for my family members. So, it has been a few years without having that close relationships with my friends.

It's not the lack of love, but our goals and values in life that separate us..

Ain't Julia's dress gorgeous?
She has good taste from her gorgeous dress to the beautiful mini dais.
Love em all. Credit to AriWeddingCouture for the workmanship :)
Credit to Wanny for the photos too :)
I believe that Julia will have bigger and better dress and dias for her reception nanti!

Congrats dear friend! Me and Wanny love you to bits :)

And Happy New Year again to you lovelies!


reena said...

Aida, u look gorgeous! Same to Julia. Cantik sangat! Congratulations! :)

Lyna Shaari said...

aida.plishh.mcm mana nk lilit shawl macam aida pakai tuw.buatkan la tutorial :) shweet sgt

waNny said...

quote: I believe that Julia will have bigger and better dress and dias for her reception nanti!


Abis la you bebeh. we expected MORE MORE!! ahahahaaa

Norasikin said...

U all memang best. Cantik, menarik da boom