Sunday, January 09, 2011

Kiss Me On My Forehead And Love Me Till Eternity

Tonight is a perfect night for me to update on my weekend. It was such a busy time with weddings, engagements, and a few healthy activities that I've forced myself to do at my friends' house. I had a blast Friday and weekend and *ehem* I've lost 1 kg by doing something for the past two days! Ain't that good enough or what? Will go on that one later :D..By the way, like many others I'm glad to announce that I'm one of you who at this moment is in front of the tv watching the AJL hehe :) Not favouring anyone tho, but I love the song Selamat Malam by Faizal Tahir. Felt like sleeping right this very moment..

I hope this entry is gonna be a simple and rilexing entry. I just want to enjoy writing this one because it's gonna fill with lots of pictures. So do bare with me and the pictures as both are not that good. BTW, I should really remind myself that I need a new camera! But haven't made up my mind on that yet. Lame ol me!

So, last Friday was one of the bestest wedding that I've experienced after been in the UK for almost 5 freaking years. Kam, one of Alan's good friends and one of my close friends got wed to his beloved fiancee, Shida. Their solemnization was held at Ampang, at the bride's house. It was such a gorgeous and big ceremony attended by many family members but limited to a few close friends, so you can imagine how lucky I was to be invited to the ceremony :) I can count how many friends were there, so I'm sure Kam loves us so much!

Chop, okay stop now! Selamat Malam from Faizal Tahir is showing!

Okay now we can move on. Haha. Faizal Tahir was damn good righttt! :D

Back to the ceremony and the not-so-good pictures. Here they are..Where should we start then?

Owh, this was on our way to Ampang.
Alan was smirking while I took the photo, he's good at that!
Love my new hijab style? Cuba jaya je babe :D
I call it winter wrap style, haha!

With the Groom, Kam.
Actually Alan and Kam were roomates back in college while doing A-level.
And both went to UK to further their sudies and have the same taste on cars.
So you can imagine how close they are.
Hurm, man and their cars! :)

Us at the tea break.
The ceremony was held right after Isya' but we were there since 6pm.
I'm lucky that it's the time of the month so don't have to put off my make-up.
Okay, I admit we look soo alike, but at least I can smile with a bit of my eyes open! haha..

The groom's maid of honors, Kushi, Alfie and Alan :)
Dayah who is also a close friend to the groom.

Us camwhoring while stuffing ourself with the pastries and cakes!

Urgh so cute! Kenapa cute sangat ni? Haha!

Hoho, yang ni lagi cute. Stop making cute faces or I'll die..:D

Right after Isya prayer, we all made our way to the bride's house which is just a few steps away. The bride actually offered us and the rest to stay at another house to get ready and do our prayers before the ceremony. It's owned by her parents and eventually they are next to another. Perfecto!

Kam was nervous all over.
He kept on checking the clock since the Tok Kadi was late!
Not to forget, the maid of honors at the side are killing the time by checking out facebook!
And I was patiently sitting next to the bride :)
Sigh, tok kadi these days. Haha!
Owh, the dais is pretty right? Can I have about the same one sayang?

Close up picture of Kam. Looking good there!

With the bride, (Shida) Shi-shi and her sister while waiting for Tok Kadi to arrive.


After 30 minutes waiting for Tok Kadi, 45 minutes hearing the 'khutbah nikah' and 15 minutes saying thank you to God for being able to get married, Kam is now officially Shi-shi's husband :) Alhamdulillah, sekali pau je babe!
I soooo love the 'kiss-the-bride' and 'put-on-the-rings' moment!
It was blissfull to get married. Lucky you Kam, you are this quick! :)

Arghhhh, both looking so happy!

But wait! When you kiss the bride, you should do it on the forehead right? But Kam was doing it wrongly! Haha. Kesian Kam, he got all nervous and kiss Shi-shi on her head (almost at the back!)

Seeee? Everyone was literally laughing because of this funny moment! Hehe.
Tapi boleh terima kan, it was still a kiss Kam..:D
Tak sabar eyhhhh haha!

Makan time! Alan was among the first to secure the seat at our table.
Lapar sangat!

A close-up picture of my lace kebaya and matching batik silk :)
I totally love it especially the ruffle effect at the front of my batik silk!

So ladies, what do you think of the mix and match? I came across to this idea while I was in Medan last month. While shopping with my mum, I saw so many Indonesian ladies that bought 2 metres of white lace and match it with batik silk. That's when I said to myself, I should make one, but use brown lace instead to match with Alan's baju melayu for Kam's wedding. The colour of the lace is slightly different to Alan's cloth, but the combination was right. I simply loving it! And my tailor was so helpful and came with the idea of the pario-style skirt. Hehe. It was a money worth spent if I must say! :)


aS_c0mei said...

serius cantik warna baju u.hehe.masa kecik2 dulu my mom ada buatkan baju kebaya match dgn kain tangga-tangga mcm u pakai ni.dulu glemer sgt kain camni....;)

*lyanaluv* said...

I like your mix n match n the colour is nice too. hopefully i could make one for myself once i got back in Malaysia.

CiKaYu said...

aida, ur kebaya so the colour.

ajjah said...

you looked stunning dear :) eh macam mana nak buat that winter wrap style? jom la jumpa so you can teach me..

Ida Fahani said... reading ur blog...
nice outfit babe...
nway....can we meet up?

SoFiA.opY said...

Aida!i also jatuh cinta with ur winter wrap style!

ayuuu yang wajahmuuuuuu~hahahah

jom jumpa ajjah n i !:)

miralatiff said... look gorgeous..Baju kebaya tu sgt classic la..i wish i can still wear baju kebaya..skang ni terlebih sana sini..hehe

reena said...

gorgeous! love ur winter wrap style! and ur mix & match memang cantik Aida :)

Love the pelamin. selamat pengantin baru to the pengantin. moga bahagia hingga akhir hayat! :)

Anonymous said...

aida..teach us how to wear the wrap tudung style. nice!

Chooyaya! said...

beautiful bride ! tuan punyer blog pon lagi la omel giler !!!