Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Wednesday Thoughts

I hate waiting. I simply hate waiting. Who doesn't?

It all started when I was called for another job interview yesterday. This time with a company located just next to the KLCC. It's also an O&G company, so the session held was terribly exhausting. I took a day off and in the morning head my way to beat the traffic in KL. It was one rainy day and I felt it was the longest journey I have ever had on the road. Alan drove me all the way from Shah Alam to KL since he is also one of the candidates. Greedy tak? Both bf/gf got the same interview on the very same day at the very same company? Hehe. I would say rezeki and many agreed :D

All in all I'd say that the day went really well. As usual, I did my best to 'sell' myself to the interviewers. That's the best I can do, at least. There are 3 face-to-face interviews and also 1 group case study. The sessions conducted were not at all related to technical matters but more on the soft skills.Your personality traits, social graces, communication, language and your relationship with others. My kind of thing I must say. I don't fancy technical questions because I'm sure my knowledge on this dah banyak ke laut :D

FYI, the session was held from 8am till 4pm. I know! Later in the afternoon, I can't hardly think like my brain has been emptied. I have almost nothing else to say and I'm completely drained of the long session. I slept all the way back to Shah Alam and asked Alan to stop at the nearest McD for a quick dinner (so that I can continue my sleep later). It was such a long day..

And the most painful thing to do now is to wait for the feedback. I'm in such a stress mode and it has always been like this before. It feels like the aftermath of such event is even horrible than while attending one. I can't sleep, my heart beats faster and I got pimples on my face! Tension seyh...

Since the result will be released in a few weeks time, maybe I really should just relax. Try to be positive and look at things differently. If the result is good, than good it is. If not, I shall then proceed with other possibilities..

I hope this cute little creature can cheer me up today. I'll be picking up Calvin at the airport in a few hours. My dear friend Hana is on the flight back to Malaysia with Calvin in the luggage (cargo) area. Yes, you can have your pets with you on the same flight. Ain't that cool?

Cookie monster! :)

I love to play with boxes. Can I have one mummy? :)

Will update later..


Anonymous said...

darling, how much extra cost to bring back the cat? so cutee!!

Anonymous said...

good luck with ur exxon interview...exxon kan...

reena said...

I nak teka. E*xxon M*bil eh? :p Good luck both of u! Mesti dapat punyalah :)

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

Been readin your blog and I say it's a such a small world. You are a friend of Haja (from Jasin kan?) and Alan's gf? Alan and I are from the same batch in college in Seremban. Ask Alan if he knows Nawar.

And you went for Exxon's interview? I work there :). And my direct boss was interviewing you guys. Kamarul, if you remember him.

Small, small, small world :).

Aida Narina said...

Anon: hehe, act the procedures are way too exhausting. But I will put up a post on that. :)

Anon: Thanks dear!

Reena: Hehe, insyaAllah, rezeki if ada :)

Nawar: Hi Nawar thanks for dropping by! Yes, I think its the same Hajar and Alan that you were talking about. And it's great to know that u are working for Kamarul, he's a nice guy to have a chat with during the interview. Hearing his stories about how he was located from one place to another made me felt the jealousy towards him (in a good way) :D I hope luck is on my side (and alan's too!) :)