Sunday, December 19, 2010

Not-So-Wordless Wednesday

Believe it or not, I was there on Wednesday night (with Alan and a few friends) at the National Stadium Bukit Jalil. A big congratulation to the team because of them we've made it to the final for the AFF Suzuki Cup 2010. Now, that's a big achievement I must say!

And I wore a jersey with his name at the back.

To be frank, football is not exactly my cuppa tea. I knew most of the rules, how the game should be played, why most of them tend to have broken bones at the end of the day, how cute and handsome some of the players are and et cetera. That's when knowledge comes in handy. Uh, I know la who is that Rooney bla bla bla. But to sit next to Alan and cheering up for his favourite team (or in fact for any team) is what I most look forward to in a relationship. Hehe.

And I love seeing many Malaysian people with such high spirits supporting for Malaysia at the Stadium. There's one section filled with people from Kedah (I think so), holding banners and scarf/mufla with Malaysia on it. They even have this coordinated movements while holding the mufla! Such a true Malaysian spirit! These are the things I heart the most when seeing our own people being such a good supporters. Even I've seen these kind of acts back in the UK.

But, when things turned bad, some of the other supporters even threw bottles and lighted up fire crackers into the field! Huish! Not a typical Malaysian. I really believed that we are all trained to be polite and respectful to others. That's how other people should see us. Alan called them 'Bodoh Tak Bertempat' and I totally agree with him..

Now, we both are definitely going to the final next weekend. Ah, dating can just be anywhere, not just by having candle light dinner at such fancy places tehee..Can't wait!

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