Friday, December 24, 2010

Little Tallulah Belle Turned 1!

This is more of a pictorial entry, so enjoy you guys :)

Lula's very first birthday was celebrated to a blast last Saturday. She's actually 1 year 10 days old and a very happy baby :). Many people came to celebrate that includes Alan's brothers and sisters, family members plus friends to Lula's mummy and daddy. It was held to suit its purpose, to celebrate the little darling's birthday, non other. I love the simple decorations and the 'homey' relaxing feeling of the celebrations by the pool. The cupcakes are scrumptiously delicious too!

It was simply a great family gathering :)

So ladies, say hello to the little Tallulah Belle..I'm 1 year old yo!

Ain't she's the sweetest in that light pink tutu?
Mummy Aida loves ya Belle!

Lula was all giddy looking at the fire from the burning candle.
She's pretty and gorgeous! (I know I am - replied Lula) :D

Me, Lula and Alan's darling sister, Yana.

Mummy Aida and daddy Lan feeling all lovey dovey wanna take picture just the two of us!

I was all hyped about this cupcake.
Or rather wanting to get a good pose with one! Hehe.

Argh, at last I can cuddle this little darling!
She's the star of the day and everyone were literally trying to gomol her :D

With Lula and Alan's mother. Ehem, did I do well Alan?

Daddy Lan enjoying the food. Cannot resist the kueh teow anymore :D

Yeay, another photo of just the two of us!
Love ya to bits Tallulah :)

I'm pretty sure Lula enjoyed her birthday so much hehe. She was all supportive and love the fact that people gave her all kinds of presents. She was being kissed all over her cheeks and hugged with so much love all day long :). She's only 1 year old after all and would have not remember this very particular day. But I'm sure all of the above pictures could let her fantasized her childhood days :)

Mummy Aida love ya so much Lula!