Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Indeed, It Has Been A Very Good Year

A new year has arrived. The year that has just passed by feels just like a month. Wait, maybe like a week. Time has been ticking so fast! I can conclude that my year has been great. My final year at Uni, I've graduated from Uni, return back to Malaysia for good, got a job offer, has been working for merely 4 months now in the transportation industry, my health and happiness has never been any better and my circle of friends has expanded too!

On another note, I actually just got back from Danau Toba, Medan for a short trip with my mum and siblings. All of the pictures are with me, but the quality was not good as compared to any pictures taken using DSLR. My bro's camera has been warded due to infect-ions (yeah, I know, DSLR can have infections too!), thus all of us are relying on my old and grumpy camera. But, I will put up some pictures tho later :)

Bought this delicious scarf from Fiena and loving it!

I shall not write any longer for today. Let's just cherish and enjoy the rest of it. Plus, I'm off to S. Pyramid for a movie - Due Date. My very last way of releasing my stress before making a big debut to the office after a long break from work!

Now, where's my new planner. I should start making plans now for 2011! Hehe..

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Kancilbiru said...

syoknya jalan-jalan...akak dah lama tak bjalan..hehe