Sunday, November 21, 2010

Random Interesting Holiday

I was bored no doing anything at home after arriving from hometown on Friday. I actually took 2 days leave to enjoy my sweet time with my old folk and my little brothers. Was planning to stay a little bit longer till the end of weekend. But little that I know that they left me all alone both on Thursday and Friday! Mum was at the office the whole day and little brothers went to school. And and.. mum have plans with her work colleagues while little brothers need to attend this grand dinner thingy on weekend. Pfffttt! Haha.. Straightaway I pack my luggage and drive back to Shah Alam :D

As for me and Alan, we just live 10 minutes away from each other. So seeing him each and every single day is not a problem, even for a quick chat or hi. I know it's too much with the power of the phone line and superb internet. All hail to technology! But, we love doing it plus it's a great chance to have a good look at your partner's face even for a short while especially after work. It's just relieving right? We just felt lucky to not experience the long distance relationship again. Not for the time being :)

So, continue with the boring Friday, off me and alan went to Sunway Pyramid to hunt for the Harry Potter and the deathly hallows tickets. Alan is an avid lover of all the books while I'm on the other side of the group. They are not my cuppa tea honey. But I'm all out for the movies. The graphics are terribly good (plus easy to understand!). Give me a complex story-line and I'll ask non-stop in the cinema :D

Fuhh, finally the movie tickets have been booked and yours truly splurge on a little something too :).

Catch of the day (after 'puasa' shopping for high-street brands for 3 freaking months!). Am I a superwoman or what kerja tak ingat dunia? Ngada-ngada..
Cannot resist the owl necklace from F21!

Now, should I say yes to Y.E.S. now? Parah babe..Parah..


brid3ofkayangan said...

i've bought 1 owl necklace as well at forever21 .... comeikan... tgk u shoppink rasa tempting sgt ... mmg parah... haha

Anonymous said...

hello aida,

u look awesome as always. keep it up.
hey im just wondering whether you still take any orders for bags/tie rack scarf/clothing from UK?

Pika said...

Not into Harry Potter? Welcome to the club bebeh. :p

Mek,kalau dah boring kua ngan alan meh kita kuar bersama plak. :D

ajjah said...

Awhh i just bought one too from Diva :)

CiKaYu said...

Yes for Y.E.S, next week start dear...