Monday, November 01, 2010

Love For CK

I love reading Shasha Bashir's blog if time permits. I also figured that we also have a few things in common which one of it is our love for our cat (s). Some people can just gugu gaga over cats, be it persian, short hair or maine coon. That's what I'll do when I look at a photo of a cat. Ain't they just so adorable and really cute? :)

My love for cat developed since I was little. At the age of 6, I turned to cats for love (after I lost my father due to road accident). Mum presented me and my one year younger brother with 2 cats, a brown Persian which she bought from a friend and a black and white short hair cat which she picked from nowhere. We named the cats Kiki and Lala (yes u guess it right, it's from the brand Kiki&Lala). I've loved them equally, not until one of the cat died and the other one ran away. Then later I figured I have an asthma..

So, for the past few years when I got my asthma sorted, I casually involved with cats again. I was lucky that I was surrounded by friends with cats back in Southampton. There were Beba, Hugo, Ziffey, Dino and few others. Not to forget, Calvin :). Little that I know my love for cats does not stop there, I even spent over a fortune for one!

Meet (not-so-little) Calvin.
He was 3 months old when I left him with my friend in the UK.
He's now 6 months old and ready to come home to me end of this month =)

Siapa tak geram and sayang kalau ada bebola hitam untuk di pegang :p
Grr, comel!

Handsome kalau tiap-tiap hari pakai Mask,Tuxedo dan 2 pasang kasut kulit putih.

You'll be more gugu gaga when u meet little Tiffany.
At first I was contemplated whether to have her or Calvin. But, I realized I'm better off with a male cat. We can just connect, hehe :)

Owh, you should meet Calvin's daddy, Hugo.
Hugo is also coming back to Malaysia with Calvin end of this month.
Oh, they so gonna have that father-son time on the plane.

Owh, I miss little Calvin so much! Will update a video of him getting his vaccinations here very soon :)

p/s: Entry was prepared during lunch break. Yours truly was on diet today, not until she ate 5 small banana fritters and 2 apam! Dang..


aS_c0mei said...

omg,Hugo sgt adorableeee la.mcm best jeee peluk dia!

i plak,takleh main kucing2 ni,alergik sbb resdung.kdg2 terpaksa halau kucing...xleh tahan...=(

reena said...

OMG comel gila your kucing semua! Gebu2!

diyanashukor said...

cute nyer kucing2 tuh...yg last tu safura kan nama die..die senior diyana time sekolah dulu...

Nana said...

camne you nak transport they all balik??? apa procedure dia?

Aida Narina said...

as_comei: aaa, hugo memang kucing yang paling gebu i pernah jumpa. huggable and manja :D

Aida Narina said...

reena: hehehe, kucing i calvin je reena. tapi yang lain2 bukan i punya pun gebuuuu kannnn..owh, memang gerammm :D

Aida Narina said...

diyana: a'ah dear yang the person in the last pic is safura :) wahh, dapat jumpa balik, they are coming back early next year. I'm sure u both can meet again for a chat :)

Aida Narina said...

nana: hello dear. I bawa balik checl-in as extra luggage. But there are not many airlines yang bagi check-in pets. But im sure MAS can. The procedure are simple, but it will involve a few little matters that some people might not familiar with. Nanti i explain in detail :)

DaZzlingLilLy said...

geramnya i tgk...mcm nak penyet2..gomol2..Calvin,Tiffany and Hugo semuanya comels...

misz beauty said...

ahhh... ur cat was so cutenessss!!!!!