Friday, November 26, 2010

Being Mushy Once In A While

Sometimes we tend not to appreciate many great things in life. When we took for granted of the prayers from our parents and families. When we forgot to say thank you to the Almighty after he showed us a clear path of our future. To be grateful as other people are facing the hardest time in their life and we are not. To say our prayers after being saved from difficult times (e.g. jobless) and on the very same day received another great news on job opportunity.

A question popped in my mind a little later yesterday after receiving such horrible news (at least to a few of my colleagues). Am I lucky enough to be in this situation? Is it why my dad named me Aida, so that I can be lucky all the time? (In Arabic, Aida means lucky)

My answer (to my own question) is simple. Yes and No. Yes, we can sometimes be lucky with the will of God. On the other hand, God created human beings so that they know who they are and why are they meant to live on this planet earth.

"I believed that we are created by the Almighty which he then passed the responsibilities to our parents as our guidance.

Why we are meant to live on this planet earth? To serve to the Almighty, to respect our parents, to be a good sister/brother, to embrace Islam, to work hard and be passionate in what we are doing".

These little things will then turn our life around. These to prove that when you have faith in what you are doing, then Allah will give 'barakah' to your household. I may not be the perfect muslim nor the best person to say these things. I'm trying to be one. I kept reminding myself from time to time that hard work without the bless from Him is actually nothing. When Allah give 'barakah' to you, that means you'll be even more luckier in the future. So, it's a yes and a no..

Many things have happened to me since I'm back in Malaysia. Good and bad. Just right away after completed my studies until recently, Allah has showed a bright future ahead of me despite all the sad things that have happened before. I put on hopes for good things to happen. I know I'm not strong, but eventually I know God has a plan for me. I just keep my spirits up and strive even harder. Look at me now. I'm must say that I'm not on top of the world still, but with a secure job, job interviews keep pouring in (two are from my favourite O&G companies), a car to bring me from one place to another (from my own savings), living close to my family plus nothing to be ungrateful about. I took this time around as my biggest achievement in life..

Just remember that it doesn't mean that losing or failing or feeling down is bad. It's nothing near to bad at all! In fact, they make you stronger. Try to have a positive look on failures as it is crucial to your personal and professional development.

Allah knows best.

Okay enough with the mushy-mushy part. I know!! What's up with the pictures right? This was from last night, me and Alan had our dinner at Pak Li's Seksyen 7, Shah Alam. Owh, I just can't get enough of this Maysaa Satin Wrap scarf! It's just great with almost everything! Even with a pair of skinny jeans and a loose shirt. Just put it on, zip the back of the scarf and off you go :D

Hehe, happy weekend!


SoFiA.opY said...

hey there!looking gooood in Maysaa's scarf eh?

ahh i found myself addicted to it,too!rasa cam ari2 nak pakai!kene beli lagi 6helai mcm ni!heh

p/s: i love that mushy2 part!inspiring!

reena said...

An inspiring entry! Good job, Aida!

Hanis Haizi said...

cantiknye scarfffff nak beli mana ek?

waNny said...

aida. if u nak beli. u inform i eh! i nak jugak :p hehehehee

shinhaein said...

cantik ^^

erosyie said...

manis + cantik