Friday, October 01, 2010

Ramblings (Perlukan perhatian)

Bercakap tentang kerja, I sekarang sangat selesa dengan apa yang I buat dekat 'the company'. At the moment, senior engineers hanya bagi kerja-kerja kecil kepada kami yang baru nak cari pengalaman. So, kalau dah namanya kerja-kerja kecil, mestilah dapat balik pukul 5.30 sharp (dengan syarat haruslah masuk 8.30 sharp!) :p.

Yang paling I suka is the work scope. The company is concentrating on the transportation industry, or rail industry to be exact. It's an international project based company listed on the main bursa even though they just started 7 years ago. The company made its way to the top competing against a few other established rail companies from Canada, China and Japan that have made their ways in the industry eons ago. We are in our first ever biggest project building a monorail for Mumbai, India at the same time bidding for other projects in Manaus, Tiradentes and San Paolo in Brazil and other potential developing cities. Lagi satu project besar adalah 'KL Monorail expension' whereby the current 2-car train will be replaced by 4-car train (4-gerabak keretapi). Selalunya rasa bangga bila tahu ada je project-project baru dalam dan luar Malaysia..You know, when you are part of it, you'll tend to get emotionally involved..:)

Walaupun baru 2 bulan kerja, tapi macam dah rasa 2 tahun. Seriously. Hubungan baik dengan senior engineers, Head of Departments and other work colleagues yang membuat kan I rasa suka dengan kerja sekarang. They are very helpful, tak kedekut ilmu and yang penting semangat yang diorang tunjukkan untuk majukan 'the company'. Tak ada mereka, tak adalah monorail buatan Malaysia di hantar ke negara-negara sedang membangun.

Lagi satu perkara yang buat I suka adalah tak ada sikit pun perasaan diketepikan jika bekerja dikalangan lelaki. Bayangkan out of 13 engineers in the 'project GAME' - this is what they call us - ada I ada another lady as representatives from the ladies team. Itupun at first I heard that I'm the only lady who've been offered the job. Not until one guy rejected the job offer and they offered it to someone else..I memang bangga sikit tang ni..

Actually, there are more upsides than downsides of this work. Macam tak ada flaws. Or maybe I ni selalu fikir benda-benda yang baik je.. But truth to be told, how can I not love the job after I received this for my first assessment: (surat cinta dari boss)

(First assessment feedback)

"Dear Aida

Thank you very much for your diligent work while you were with system assurance team; it was a pleasure to work with you. I think that the assessment grades given to the other candidates were more generous than I would have awarded; of all the candidates at the presentations, I thought that you and one other candidate stood out as significantly better than the rest. Perhaps I was too harsh in my gradings…

Thank you again for your good work,


Jonathan Bouchard

Head - System Assurance"

Telan air luir dan tak putus-putus bersyukur :) Now, that's a good sign, no?

I semakin beremosi bila recently I received a call-back from company B (
they are from Oil and Gas industry) wanting to meet me and have a short chit-chat session with them. I've attended the interview last April back when I was still in UK and the chit-chat session was held yesterday. It turned out well, but the result will only come out by next week. If I get the job, then Alhamdulillah (praise to Allah), and if it's the other way round, I don't think I have a problem with that. Yelah, kecintaan hati kat tempat kerja sekarang pun dah membuak-buak.. :)

But the thing is, am I willing to hop into another industry if I do get the job? How about the workplace then? Can I cope well if I'll be located somewhere far from KL? Say Kerteh? Will I regret the decision later?


But then, I once reminded by my chancellor during my graduation back in July 2010. She said something like this '
you must keep on learning in order to catch up with the world'. I'm assured by her words that there are possibilities and chances to go far in the engineering world. Maybe I terlalu emosi tanpa ambil kira pemikiran yang waras. I'm sure that company B could offer better future for me and my family. I believe that life is no fun without challenges. Company B might be my stepping stone..Should I go with the flow or should I stick with my current job?

Yang benar,
Gadis dalam dilema.


reena said...

Wahh u're so lucky Aida dapat keja best dari semua segi. Apapun, good luck dalam membuat keputusan ya! Fikirlah apa yang terbaik buat u, yang buat u happy :)

Aida Narina said...

reena: thanks reena. Alhamdulillah, tak sangka pintu rezeki ada di tanah air sendiri. Thanks juga bagi semangat. I harap I akan dapat buat keputusan yang terbaik juga :)

brid3ofkayangan said...

hi Aida...i guess my fiance is ur comp's client... hihi...good luck...u r lucky to get nice working environment...mine was so far away from what u describe dear...=)

ileena said...

well done Aida!:)
my parents keep on reminding me that nothing comes easy, and that learning is a never-ending process.
Decide whats best and good luck to you, Aida:)

Habib Bin Ab Mukmin said...

bouchard tu orang perancis ker?
mung tanyer dier kampung dier kat maner

Meen said...

congrats,dear..keep uo the good work..yeap,i pon pernah ada kat situation where i need to choose,padahal dah suka gila keja kat tempat A,I then choose to hop to B,then kat B tak happy at 1st..After 3 months barulah boleh adjust myself and ended up having lotsa opportunity kat place B.So,its ok sebenarnya to move..;)

DaZzlingLilLy said...

Bestnya u..fikir betul2 masa nk buat decision ye dear..gud luck..

:: tush :: said...

B company definitely is a stepping stone to a brighter future..and after all life is about taking risks otherwise you wont progress if you`re always in your comfort zone..but then again..things are easier said and done and i am sure i would be in the same dilema if i were in your situation..

But someone as dedicated as you would find your way to the best things..insya Allah..

Good luck Aida :)

mEiZ SHA said...

bestnyer dapat compliment gitu..:)

rezeki ada di manaa2 yang..:)
kat mana pon keje..yg penting jaga diri dan peribadi..

naimatulrais said...

beb, you are still young. the main thing is what ever decision you make later on, it has to be YOUR decision after considering the consequences. EXPLORE the possibilities. You never know. It's never to late to make mistakes now then later on. insya allah. I wish you all the best.

zie said...

Good luck and all the best Aida.I dapat agak la...which Company B tuh, he he he...and memang banyak opportunity and banyak benefits to you and your family.

I heard the bonus also very good and definitely a good stepping stone for you.

Anonymous said...

Salam Aida,

Could I have your company address (which you are working)nak hantar resume (my husband- electrical engineering). Is there any vacancy?

Thank you and regards
email: k.azrina[@]
[@] = to avoid spam

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