Sunday, October 17, 2010

Of Love And Friends

I can't stop smiling! Heeeeeeeeee :D

Alan is coming back today!! His flight departed around 10.00pm (UK time - it was 5am Malaysia time) at Terminal 4, Heathrow Airport. I received a call from him around 4 in the morning letting me know that he's already checked-in. I knew he was busy packing his suitcases, trying to arrange all the bags that have been purchased yesterday. Hehe, I tak risau sangat I guess sebab I dah train Alan on how to arrange his suitcase like a girl :D Plus, he's actually a better organizer than me. He's a well-planned, detailed person. See sayang, I puji you kat sini so I nantikan hadiah yang best k? :p

I felt that Saturday has passed by in a split second. I spent the whole day yesterday cleaning the house, doing some house chores and browsing the internet. Went to a friend's wedding reception in Klang and had the chance to meet a few friends back in MRS*M Kuala Klawang. It was a quick one :)

By the way, have I shared with you that I love the sea so much? Who doesn't right? I didn't had that much experience spending time by the sea, enjoying the hot and cold sea breeze while back in the UK. Me and a few friends did visited a few spots like Bournemouth, Isle of Wight and even the beach over in Nice, France. But it was way different from here in home sweet home Malaysia. The water there in the UK and France was too cold, I even felt awkward when I wear long swimming suit (scuba-like suit) while people kept staring at me like I'm from Mars and I don't feel the connection with the sea. Hehe, okaylah maybe I'm too much. It was not that bad after all and I just don't know how to say this "I went to the beach here in Malaysia and it was good" without being too boring :D Please jangan cakap boring...Heeeeeee..

So, it all started when me and my girls (classmates) made a pack a day before our SPM Account paper to meet again on the 10/10/10. Each of us did contributed something for our time bullet we buried at the back of our hostel. I know, crazy stuffs right? :D I don't really remember what's mine, and I don't actually remember we made this kind of pack until one of us reminded me of it. Hoho..

So, we stayed at a Homestay house in Kuala Sungai Baru (15 minutes away from Sg Udang, Melaka). Guess what, the house is a sea frontage traditional rumah Limas Melaka with stunning view! Owh, it's just a great feeling u know, staying in a village house, facing the sea, the hot sea breeze during the day and cold one during the night. I even slept in the living room just to hear a clear sound of the sea splashes during the night. A calm weekend :)

Let's just enjoy some pictures :)

This is uncle Rahman, the owner of this house. He's originally from Klang.
But then decided to retire at the age of 45 and run away from the hectic city life.

Chillex kat beranda :)

Lunch! Asam pedas Melaka, ulam and whatnot :D

Tea break! Keropok goreng and sardine roll. Nyums!

Playing Uno :) Once dah main, rasa tak nak stop :D

Naik boat!! Kayuh sendiri babe..hehe..

10.10.10 :D

Mandi laut!! :)

Dinner! Uncle Rahman and Aunty Roslina prepared us BBQ seafood. Nyums!
All fresh from the sea. Uncle Rahman went out that morning to catch the crabs, prawns, kepah and a few other sea creatures I don't know :D

Keluar tangkap ketam at 2 in the morning! :D

This was on the 10.10.10 (Sunday) we went back to our school to dig out our time-bullet :) Notice the 'cangkul' that I'm holding? Nasib tak kene cekup dengan pak guard :D

Reminiscing the good old time. Our class back in 2001/2002.

Our hostel block F :D

Jumping like crazy in front of Deben, our main hall.

Okay penat, terus balik rumah Uncle Rahman for lunch :)

Our so-called time bullet. All the 'surat cinta' that we've put in a tin and wrapped many times with newspapers and plastic bags :D

Final photo, us in front of the Rumah Limas Melaka :)

To those who would like to experience a village stay by the sea, do visit Uncle and Aunty's facebook page :). The rate is so reasonable, suitable for a trip with friends or family members. For the 10 of us, Uncle and Aunty charged RM150 per person including breakfast, lunch, tea break and dinner :).

Ehem, okay nak ready pergi pick Alan kat airport. His flight from London will arrive at 5pm! *grin*



reena said...

Time bullet? Wahhh genius lah korang. Dulu tak terfikir pun nak buat macam tu (Maybe sbb menyamoah kat sekolah dan tak rasa nak jejak kaki balik kat sekolah. Haha). Bestnya makan masakan kampung, mandi laut, lepak kat beranda. Bliss..

Aida Narina said...

reena: ni semua idea classmates i tauu. kitorang ni nama je classmates, tapi partners in crime jugakk. dua tiga kali fly hahaa. yup2, truly a bliss sekali sekali lepak tepi laut baca novel. syiokkk :)

miralatiff said...

Nak sangat tau ape yang aida letak dalam time bullet tu..mesti best dapat jumpe kawan2 lama and pergi sekolah balik M*RSM is too far la from KL..tak tau la biler boleh pergi..

Atiqah Adnan said...

hai aida~
seronoknyee.. tatau pulak saya kat kuala sg baru ade homestay yang sangat cantik camtu... nanti nak try laa stay bercuti kat sane.. tihihiih~

aida nice to meet u!!

Nana said...

wahhh meriahnye!!! seronok tengok gambar you all!! Terasa tua gila laks hahaha!!!

wanie said...

wahhh! patot la macam kenal gambar kelas tu. TGB rupanya. rindu gila kot. panjat pagar maktab untuk fly (siap bawak beg balek kampung), curi masok pool (panjat pagar penuh susah payah n got out approximately 5 minutes later sebab i cant swim), panjat tangki belakang blok E after lights-off *dang! i guess i ni panjat banyak sangat kot* hee.