Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hati Bunga-Bunga

Sebelum masuk part bunga-bunga, kita cerita about kerja dulu lah :D

Yesterday was my first day at the new office. FYI, we have moved from Damansara Heights (was in the same building as PTPT*N) to a new building located just next to One Utama called 1 First Avenue. Our company secured 3 levels (level 17,18 and 19) as our new office.
So, here we are in the new perfect building over-looking all the Damansara area. Our building is even connected to the old wing of One Utama, so hurray, more time shopping rather than having lunch I guess :D

Ehem, moving from the old building was a heart-wrenching situation. The 3 months over in the old building seems like 3 years (chewah!). Okay tipu, actually the packing part was the worst. Lucky me, even I have my own work-station, I don't actually own lots of documents that I have to worry about. I've always kept them in my laptop and rarely used the printers. Even though the movers did the work, but packing up things can sometimes be a little bit tricky :D

So, hurray for the new office, and loving it here in Bandar Utama. Hello people from schlumberger, KPMG and few others :)

This is in case someone got lost in and out of the building :)

And I don't know who's desk exactly is this? Erk, kembar Ida Nerina ke? :p

And what more can I ask for when I have this to see every single day! :D
Owh hello!

Curi from google.com

p/s: I just explored Delicious at One Utama, New Wing! Hoho, little that I know, they offered good food there at their lovely restaurant. I'm deeply in loveeeee with the chocolicious sundae with fresh strawberries on the top! The pavlova in between the vanilla ice-cream and choc sauce was the best! Oh no, I'm salivating for one now :D Have you tried one? Owh please make your way to the nearest Delicious now, rugiiii tak try :)


mEiZ SHA said...

gud luck dear...:)

so close dengan ehem2 ke..:)

reena said...

Keja satu tempat dgn ur bf ke? :)

Tskk i jugak blom try Delicious tu. Ramai cakap dessert dia blh tahan sedap. Tapi since tukaq managemment dah kureng skit. Nak try la nanti.

Hanafedora said...

Ok Alan nmpk kurus gile dlm gamba tu.. new hot bf baybe...hahaha

Aida Narina said...

miez sha: hehe,thanks sha. we live just nearby, but he is still relaxing at home. so we see each other at night after i got home from work je :D

Aida Narina said...

Reena: no reena, but if yes, i rasa macam boring pula. I prefer not to work under the same roof, so we have lotsa things to share later. Kan-kan? Btw, go try one honey. I love the desserts, they are good :)

Aida Narina said...

Hanafedora: Hana!! He lost 4 kgs before raya and gained 6 kgs after raya? But, yes even he gained the weight, i think he looked much better now. KENE HINT SELALU SO THAT HE'LL DO SOMETHING TO HIMSELF. I nak bf body cun and hot babe! :D

Farah . 5577 said...

hai Aida...
all the best dear!
i used to work in that building too.. kpmg. kalau x boleh lunch date ngan u kan. :)
now move on to another company, tpm bukit jalil pulak.. pun baru gak, just finished my probation period...

Aida Narina said...

Hello farah :) Kalau u still kat sini, mesti i ajak u pergi delicious teman i makan chocolicious :D BTW, thanks for the wish, wishing u all the best at the new place too :) keep in touch..

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Aida, it's always nice moving into a new office.
Can get boring if long time same place.
May the winds of destiny carry you aloft to dance with the stars.
Have a nice day and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

miralatiff said...

Eh jap Schlumberger ade office dekat Bandar Utama? Tak tau pon..
Best nyer office dekat dengan OU..boleh jamu mata hari2..So nanti I balik I pergi OU boleh singgah visit you sekali yer..