Monday, October 04, 2010

Fever And Maysaa

I'm on sick leave today due to fever. Nothing serious really, but a terrible headache worries me as I could not concentrate on things I need to. The doctor told me that my blood pressure is low, and my heartbeat is so fast. Maybe I've been pressuring myself a lot about a few little matters..

Or maybe I miss my other half who is still stranded in London :(. Come home quick honey..Bawa I jalan-jalan cari makan..

By the way, I've been planning to get this Maysaa scarf for quite a long time now. This chic and stylish thing is a must-have I guess, so I'm thinking of placing an order and make them deliver to my home address in Malaysia. They are offering free postage for any purchase above 150pounds. But the thing is, mine is just 19pounds and I will still need another 131pounds to be entitled for the free postage, hehe.

I know some of you previously did asked if I can purchase any of the Maysaa scarf/clothing for you, so why not join me this time? :) The procedures are very easy.

Pick your favourite items
Times the amount by 5
Add another RM10 for postage to your home address
Email me the details to :)
Easy-peasy right?

My pick will be this one.
Totally loving it after seeing Hana wearing it during one of her latest outings.
Suits her well don't you think so? :)

Kredit to my dear sister, Hana :)

So, hurry up and email me at I nak beli by this Friday, yeay :)


eta3ka said...

oh oh aida! baru terjumpa blog kamu!
scarf maysaa ni sgt stylish ok! da lama nak try tp x confident bole seswai atau x dgn muka aku yg comot nih huhuhhh

Anonymous said...

It's chic sayang, not "chick"

waNny said...

babes.. if i tau u deman i heret u gi singapore ngan juliaa .. semlam i gi ngan julia. hahahahah

Aida Narina said...

eta3ka: haha, haja!! tak sangka! i guess i'll be seeing u this saturday kannn? :) hehe, entahlah aku pun rasa muka ku akan pelik, but worth a try :p

Aida Narina said...

Anon: Haha, thanks dear. Ituhla, otak kata lain, tangan type lain :p

Aida Narina said...

wanny: aaaaa, pergi singaporeee? ada tujuan penting ke uu? sila beritahuuuu aaa, bestnyaaa :p

Hanafedora said...

HahahaHa!! Omg, Blush I letak gamba I sini.. Beli Aida! I thought U dh beli so I'm waiting for the picture..Nnti dh ada post okay. Want to see it!


waNny said...

hahahahha.. dah pergi la babes.. mmg tujuan PENTING and most secret .. hahahahahah

Aida Narina said...

hanafedora: awww, dun blush honey. u look totally beautiful in the pic! i belum beli sobs. Been busy (wpun nak belinya a click away je kan) :p. will upload once I hava the chance to wear okay dear. tata!

Aida Narina said...

wanny: haha! why u dun ajak meee sobsob :p dah beli ke your dream shoessss wanny? hehee..

eta3ka said...

aida @ hana, need to wear turtle neck ke for this scarf? atau pon scarf ni skali ngan neck cover??? huhuuu sedikit confuse bila tgk gambar2 tu

bty, hana, u look good in those scarf!

aida, c u this weekend! sungguh excited ok!

Viexoravogue said...


i nak tau, u ade amik lagi order for maysaa headscarf tak skrg?

Anonymous said...

Oh no! I baru baca post ni.

:( Been meaning to buy it, tapi postage mahal sgt. Let us knw again if you still getting it.


latte said...

ohhhhhh tidakkkkkkkk.i juga baru baca ur post tooo late..
isk isk~

do let me know if u want to buy it again dear....=(


i pun nak jugak. please.... :)