Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Come Back Quick Honey

Quick update-----------------------------------

Orders for handbags still open until middle of tonight, 13th Oct :) Email me now for quick confirmation at :D


I just can't wait! My boyfriend is coming back to Malaysia next weekend! The date has yet to be confirmed, but will either be on Saturday, the 16th or Sunday, the 17th of Oct. Why weekend? Jeng..jeng. Hehe.. Nothing else but the fact that his lovely girlfriend is going to pick him up at the airport, yeay! :p

And as usual, due to numerous requests from the ladies, I can officially announce in here that I'm opening a few (say 5-6) orders for designer handbags. Clap*clap.. :) As for now I've already received 2 orders (thanks ladies!), but worry not there are still spaces for others.

Due to shortage of time, last day of orders and to make the payment will be on Wednesday, 13th Oct. A place will be confirmed for those who are able to make the payment right away after receiving a confirmation email from me. So, insyaAllah, once you select your favourite item(s) and make the payment, my other half who is currently in London will rush to the specific boutique :). I guess that's the benefit of renting a house just 10 minutes walk to one of the biggest shopping mall in London call Westfield right? :)

And to spice things up, I would love to share with you the loots that I've brought back with me last end of June. Total of 19 items including of a belt, wallets, cosmetic pouch, wristlet and favourite item of all, handbagssss :p

Penuh yours truly punya katil. Kat mana nak tidur ni? :p

And yet, ada yang kene letak atas meja lagi.

Longchamp La Pliage Patch Handbag in Bilberry and graphite (not in the picture). for Miss N.

Gucci Guccissima belt and wallet for Miss W :)

Prada continental wallet in peony for Miss S.

Gucci wallet for Miss A.

LV Tivoli PM for Miss J.

LV Alma Monogram for Miss S.

Gucci Sukey Medium in Brown trimming for Miss S.

Gucci Sukey Large in Brown trimming for Miss A.
Thanks cousin for the background! :p

Prada wristlet for Miss E.

Chanel PST in beige with ghw for Miss J. Nyums!
Bought in Amsterdam.

Chanel Coco Cocoon Reversible Medium Tote (quilted lambskin) for Miss E.
Bought in Amsterdam :)

Miu Miu Coffer in Nero Black for Miss F.

And ada a few yang lupaaa sangat tangkap gambar - LV Neverfull Damier Ebene, LV Delightful GM Monogram both for Miss J, Gucci D-Gold Medium for Miss L, 4 Longchamp Le Pliage for Miss N and 2 Longchamp Le Pliage for Miss W! Fuhhhhh...Thanks dearies!!

I knew I did had a good time being a personal shopper back in London. It was such a joy thing to do visiting designer boutiques, pointing fingers at the handbags that I'll be puchasing and toting the bags like it's mine! Hehe. LOVE!

But the thing is, just after I've reached Kuala Lumpur last end of June, I was busy juggling in between work and adjusting a new life in the city. Plus I do not own a car, and commuting from one place to another is a BIG problem for me. Sobs. Thus, most of the ladies received their bags a bit later than they were supposed to. Sorry ladies..That was back then and all the bags are now safely delivered to their respective owners within 2 weeks. But now I can kindly confirm that it's no longer a problem. Alhamdulillah I've been adjusting myself well, plus Alan will be here to help me! :p InsyaAllah you'll be receiving you items in 2-3 days time once Alan arrived in Malaysia :)

Okaylah, let's just stop with the mumblings and continue with the shopping! You know where you can reach me right! :) aida(dot)ghaffar@gmail(dot)com.

Ini pula buah tangan dari Paris - not available in London I think so.


reena said...

Youuuuuu! Terliur tgk beg2 ni semua!

akmabolhan said...

oh myyyy... berpinar mata.. kaching2 ;p *nasib baik sempat sambar longchamp satu kat airport amsterdam* hehe

CiKaYu said...

omg....dah lama aim miumiu coffer tu...uuhuhu...lum rezeki lagi...

Just a bags collector. said...

Mata I berpinar2 :)
Oh, the Eiffel Tower collection was limited edition, dah habis season. ni mesti kira hari buah hati nak balik!

* u know who I am.

cc said...


*lap air liur

The Queen Bee said...

omg bestnye kan kalau ni kite punye semua. ehehe

tangan i seperti gatal nak beli 1 bijik bag lah tolong...

princessGarnet said...

oh bestnya handbag, drooling ;)
aida,camne kerja? seronok duk sini tak hehehe

dd said...

hi aida..
i nak oder the Longchamp La Pliage Patch Handbag in Bilberry , large wt long handles..
dunno y.. i takleh access to my gmail plk this morning..
anything pls sms me eh... u got my number kan..


diana said...

hye aida,
boleh saya tahu berapa harga untuk Gucci Sukey Medium in Brown trimming?
thanks aida.


NurulA said...

hi, nak tanya sikit your experience shopping in amsterdam. i will be going to amsterdam next mth and have options either to go back from amsterdam or paris. is it good enough to shop in amsterdam?