Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Vol 1: What is Raya Without The Baju Raya :)

So, I was trying to figure out what to put as the title, until I found one from my previous entry - 'What is Raya Without The Family Picture :)'. It was like a flashback through time looking at an old entry. Even though it was just last year, but the feeling somewhat is different from this year :).

What's different ey? Beli baju and persiapan raya sendiri instead of orang sponsor, kene apply cuti kerja instead of ponteng kelas, melayan karenah office mates jual kueh raya instead of duduk rumah baham kueh raya, chances dapat duit raya adalah 100%, while this year mungkin 50-50. Life is more or less complicated now, dah tak boleh take it easy breezy je:p. Tapi perasaan yang paling gembira bila dah settle down dan merasa raya tanpa ragu-ragu akan kene berpisah dengan keluarga sebelum raya habis :).

Since Raya is just around the corner, it would be good to make an entry per day of the preparations and feelings on welcoming this year's raya. Raya pun lagi 2 hari, agaknya 2 entry je I buat :p. Nak kasi peluang kat Hana Fedora kesayangan feeling-feeling dapat raya di tanah air tercinta. Tak apa Hana, nanti I post duit raya kat u kay :p

I guess most of you have already bought your traditional kurung/kebaya/moden or even made one or two for yourself. This year mum bought 2 pieces of cloths for me during her trip to Medan, Indonesia. The colours are different. The first one is like 'hijau traditional' and another one is non other than 'baby pink', yours truly kind of colour. And both cloths are very different as per material-wise. The 'hijau traditional' is very green it reminds me of my 'kampung halaman' in Bukit Tinggi, Indonesia and regret it or not it's so not my colour. I fancy bright colours be it green, it must be bright green and not dull greens. The time when mum handed me the cloth, I was like 'how can I pull off this colour and still can be notified by others?' :). While, the baby pink cloth have this embroidery details on it which is also not my cuppa tea. I may like beadings and laces, but haven't tried embroidery up till today. Mum told me it's a famous season for embroideries back in Medan, Indonesia.

Despite the doubts, off I went to a tailor in KL the day after I arrived from UK hoping that both materials can be turned into beautiful traditional raya clothing.

The baby pink cloth with embroidery

The green traditional cloth that looked 'old' in the picture.

After 3 weeks, the lady that made my baju called and told me that they are ready to be collected. As I laid my eyes on the finishing touches, I smiled and thankful for trusting my mum. Both are simple yet stunning (at least to my eyes) :). What I have wanted for Hari Raya. Hehe. Both baju suits my figure well, Alhamdulillah. I'll reveal the real sight of the bajus on Hari Raya, insyaAllah.. The thing about ready-made baju is that it doesn't fit my figure well. My upper body says S (small), but my lower body says M (montok). Haha! So, it's a No-No for ready-made bajus.

But........!! Hehe. Yes, there's a but to this. It doesn't stopped there! It was last week when me and my cousin, Nad went to Jalan TAR to find any good quality awning scarves that will not make me end up fasting for another month. We arrived quite early as we don't want the place to be too crowded. You know how Jalan TAR (around Masjid Jamek) can be during Ramadhan and especially during weekends. But, I like it much better since some of the shops do offer good quality lycra scarves with awning which is about 5 times cheaper than some of the expensive boutiques. It's not that I don't favour scarves from established brands, I do. But it's all about making choices and balancing it out. Ada sikit mahal, ada sikit murah, saya budak baru kerja. :p

After almost 5 hours wandering around Jalan TAR (it was already 3pm), we decided to call it a day. As we passed by a shop selling batik dresses and kurungs made of silk, I couldn't helped myself from trying it on me! The colours and designs are simply gorgeous. And don't get me started with the price. Expected it to cost a bomb, but they are willing to reduce the price by 1/4....Ehem, lagi buat I pening! It's beyond my budget, plus I already have the two traditional kurungs. After lotsa thinking (and trying out the dresses too), I've made up my mind....which is to get it!! :) Reason being, the design is so hard to resist plus it's a reward for myself and as a reminder to work even harder (ehem, yours truly guna gaji bulan pertama) ;p.

Mix Moda - has anyone ever tried this boutique before?

This is my pick, but the picture doesn't do justice to the colours and design.
Dalam gambar macam baju kelawar pun ada. Get me the DSLR please honey? Hehe

Match the dress with this Maysaa Chiffon scarf snood and matching zebra stripes-like clutch and heels that Alan gave to me on my last birthday :).

Owh, I just can't wait for the day! :)


reena said...

Wahhhh baju raya 3 pasang? sakan ni. Hehe.

selamat hari raya, maaf zahir batin ye Aida :)

Hanafedora said...

amboi...raya yg sungguh meriah siap shopping baju 3 helai total..tangkap gamba banyak2 okeh!!... mmg buat i jealous... tkpe tkpe I raya ngan Calvin lah tahun...hehehe main fetch2..

DaZzlingLilLy said...

Syoknya shopping..i suka kain baby pink tu.cute sgt..selamat hari raya aidilfitri aida,maafkan salah silap andai kata ada terkasar bahasa..

cc said...

baju ry i 5 psg..muahaha :p
ready made beli 2 psg. i punya mslh dgn bj ready made ialah atas ngam2, bwh besar sbb i tbalik dgn u...montot leper :p jd bila beli bj ready made, kain sure besar. tp xpelah..boleh pakai :)

i beli scarves from Aalia (dlm gulati's), cantik2 scarves kat situ. batik yg u beli nih area mana eh? i tak prnh nmpk plak kedai dia