Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Present From A Special Place

I've managed to get the abaya I've ordered from Yaya :) Hehe. Her mum actually was the one who got it for me while performing her umrah :).

It was the exact same one like Yaya's!! Actually, when I sent her the email, I admired her abaya so much, I was hoping that I'll get the same one like hers and Alhamdulillah, my wish has been granted. Thanks Yaya and her mum, I'm a happy bunny tonight :p

Picture of the abaya without flash.

Picture taken with a flash.

And since my brother was in a rush to watch the football on TV, I didn't had the the chance to have a good conversation with Yaya. We even met outside her house under the 'lampu jalan'. Hehe. Nanti kita jumpa lagi for a proper lunch or dinner tau!! :) Now, where should I get a nice simple plain chiffon scarf? :p


reena said...

Nice abaya. Love the details!

yaya othman said...

glad u love it hon!!!

Hanafedora said...

Omg! cantik gile..How much was it? I want one, seriously where to find? hehe