Monday, September 27, 2010

Our Very Own

So, a week has passed and I'm doing good in Rawang at the company's manufacturing site. The traffic to work for the past week was really good (sebab semua masuk KL, I masuk ceruk), the environment was as what I've expected - smelled of million dollars worth of machines and tools, the people are as friendly as ever and the food was so cheap!

The view from level 4 System Engineering office.

No-no, my desk is not exactly located inside the factory with the big cranes, next to the bolts and nuts or even the screwdrivers or crossing the wire cables (or some people might think that I don't actually have a desk, hehe). I do have a proper desk in an office with air-conditioners, sweet little pantry and working alongside a handsome Australian boss :p. So, when I'm bored looking at the documents in the office, I can always have a peek at my handsome boss.......or go in the factory and have my own little sweet time playing with the tools..:p

A safety helmet to match with a cute pair of pumps. So girly! :p

Say no to dividers. Say yes to group spirit and chit-chats :)
And say yes to striking yellow and green chairs too :p

Awe - one of my work colleagues :)

When I said I played with big tools, I really meant it you know.....

Say hello to our very own....
Thomas the train :)

Or a pose from yours truly in one of it :)

But, I'm surely proud of this too...


It can really move with the track just outside my office :)

Ain't that awesome? Hehe. I once dreamed of all these things, but now I'm actually living my dream ;)


reena said...

Train baru ke tu, Aida? Eh, mana muka boss hensem u tu? I ni semangat la baca sampai habis kot2 boleh tengok muka dia :p

Aida Narina said...

Hehe, Monorail untuk hantar to Mumbai, India reena. Yang ni 100% buatan anak Malaysia untuk international project :) Adus, boss i hensem sangat, kalau i bubuh gambar dia, nanti u takle tido malam, hehe :p

Meen said...

Dear,so proud of you larr..:)

Aida Narina said...

Meen: Thanks meen :)

naimatulrais said...

An--so proud of u. u pegnag je kan thomas tu, u are part of the engineering! ha3 best lah tgk org jadi engineer ni.

The Queen Bee said...

wah buat choo choo train hehee sib baik involve dgn machine... kalau bricks anf concrete tgh2 panas aduihhh