Sunday, September 19, 2010

Jalan-Jalan Open House

One year has passed since last I met my lovely girlfriends while studying back in Southampton. Most of my girls went back to Malaysia and finished their studies a year earlier than me. Only a few are left in Southampton. I was bored not to have that many girlfriends after most of them went back. Trust me, during my final year I was surrounded by mostly guys. know how will it be spending time with guys - u heard them talking about carsss, footballlll, gadgetsss and even how they roll the cigarettes. Haha!

This time around, I had the time to meet the girls again. Which is better because it's the month of Syawal! :)

Our first time meeting each other was during the official Malaysia Day Holiday at our favourite soon-to-be Dr. Hidayah's house in Shah Alam.

See, I love catching up with my girls!
I missed them a lot, I can't stop asking each of them so many questions.

From front (left): Liza, Dayah, Nadia, Ros.
At the back (left): Fy, Sheera, Yours Truly and lovely Ili :)

So cute this pic! :p

My second pit stop which was after work last Friday - at Liza's house :)
With my lovely friends, Sheera and Firus. Notice me in my office attire? Hehe.

And just today I've attended Wanny's open house in Subang Jaya. Other than meeting old friends, I was so blessed to be able to meet new friends during the month of Syawal - Wanny and Julia. Guess what, it was our second time meeting each other, but it seems like the three of us have met like ages ago. Wanny and Julia who are my customers while I was in the UK, are so friendly and both are so down-to-earth. The three of us have the same interest in certain things, and we could talk the whole day about our favourite things without even realizing how quick time flies. Ehem, Wanny and Julia, let's meet again for a cuppa! :)

Our first time meeting each other - Midvalley, 5th August 2010.

This was today @Wanny's house - 18th Sept 2010.
Ehem, excuse my shinny kebaya. I don't have that many pretty kurung/kebaya.
That kebaya was from my grand dinner back when I was in Form 5!!

Happy Sunday everyone! :)


The Queen Bee said...

bestnyee beraya sakann!! :D

Aida Narina said...

The Queen Bee: Best!! :) Bila hanis nak buat open house? Ada rumah sendiri and jemput orang pun best juga kan. I kene tunggu ada rumah sendiri :p

waNny said...

thanks for coming aida!! heheheheh

eynda said...

Meriah!! :-)