Saturday, August 28, 2010

Friday And Food (Gee, It's Double F)

What's best than chilling at home, with pyjamas on, put on your favourite song to play and nothing to worried about? :) OH HEAVEN! I'm used to waking up early in the morning for sahur, and then went to bed again before getting ready to work. So, not doing those things made me felt awkward to laze around on my bed during weekends. But, adjusting is not problem as sleeping is my "old time" hobby :) Hehe..

Me and cousins went for berbuka with my aunty and uncle who lived in Subang at
San Francisco Pizza Bukit Jelutong yesterday. It was my first time there and I found that the food are tasty! Up to my western taste (which I have left for over a month now - too much rice already). Eleven of us - my aunty, uncle, me and 8 cousins were there for berbuka :) The best time catching up and to have that family chat..(And people asking me to treat em since I already got my first salary yesterday!). Hehe. I should print my payslip, frame it and put it on the wall too! LOL :p

Look at my tired face. Just got back from work :p

From left: Cousin Taufiqq, My bro Adi, Cousin Yayah and Cousin Nad :)

Tried the seafood speghetti, just like what I had when Alan made it for me :)

Cousin Taufiqq control and my bro Adi making funny faces ;p

Burp, a one happy bunny :). So, what's for today? Siapa-siapa ada idea tempat best nak makan. I would love to try out those lovely restaurants :)


ileena said...

your cousin nad soooooooooo familiar!i think she's my clssmate masa dkt matriculation ke???

cru314ngel said...

they look soo chinese...u der mix ngan chinese ke??walauwei..1 msia

-eddziela bukan nama sebenar- said...

hai aida. i terjumpa ur blog accidently and to my suprise alan tu macam pernah kulihat, tp di mana ya..hehe. dia x-mrsm taiping kan? both of u are just too sweet 2gether ;)

Suzie said...

i suka mkn kat san francissco pizza ni,mmg sedap!!selalu pergi yg kat mines

Byzura Razali said...

u should try Red Wok Bandar Baru Bangi.Steamboat,halal chinese & thai food :)

Byzura Razali said...

u should try red wok bandar baru bangi.Steamboat,halal chinese & thai food.