Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Writing This While Sitting At The Corner Of The Bedroom

I'm leaving my temporary home, the place where I found my true love, where I grew bigger and better, the place where I received my Engineering education and other things I might not able to venture back home, it's the place where my heart grew fonder towards different things in life and the place I'll missed the most. :(

My flight home is at 10pm tonight, and Alan will send me to the Heathrow Airport with a sad face. I know he'll not show it in front of me since lelaki hatinya kental, tapi bak kata Adnan Sempit - "dalam hati ada taman". Jangan Alan nangis sorang-sorang bila I dah berlepas dah lah! :p But, I'm sure he'll do fine. InsyaAllah, once he's done with his Masters dissertation by end of September, he'll surely join me back home and we will then live happily ever after, together forever hehee.. Deep down inside in heart I'm sure I'll do fine. I have my family back home and I know they will try their best to help me with everything (and yes without Alan). It's just a bit different than what I have ventured here in the UK. Without family by my sides, Alan has been the one that have helped me in almost everything. He's like a father to me (or I can say abang besar). And clearly he is my future husband, nothing else. My mother and family back home trusted Alan so much in taking care of their precious daughter/granddaughter/sister. And I know this coming two months will be a good time for Alan to have a little bit of space for his own and time for himself without me by his side. *Love*

2 big luggages - checked, 1 hand luggage - checked, 1 handbag - checked. Alan (in my tiny little heart) - checked :)

So long Southampton, London and H&M.
So long Westfield, Harrods, Selfridges and Bicester!!
So long Crunchy Nut Cluster, kebab wrap, Ben&Jerry's and Doritos!
So long Asda, Sainsbury and Tesco (eyh tesco ada kat Malaysia!)
So long bracewell road, London!
So long fast broadband connection!
So long cold weather and jumpers and knitwears!
So long high boots and mufla!
So long double-decker buses and undergrounds!
So long people!!

Hello, come to mama roti canai, kari, dal dan sambal!
Hello people in Malaysia, and my beloved country! :) :)

I know I owe each of you entries regarding my recent trip to Amsterdam and Paris, handbag orders from customers and many more. InsyaAllah, please stay tuned and you will not regret your time here. I will also be having a massive clearance for Tie Rack scarves and will be selling a few items which I got from the recent trip to Amsterdam and Paris.

As for now, here is a picture taken in Amsterdam by Alan. A moment surely to be missed! :)


p/s: I am terribly sorry for not replying to emails these few days. I have very limited time with packing and buying stuffs for others. InsyaAllah will get back to you very soon.

p/s/s: I wonder will people still read my blog when I have nothing much to blog about when I'm back? :p


mJ said...

ada.........akak will always read your blog! haiyaaaaa rugiiii la tak sempat kirim barang huaaaaaaaaaaaa :(

reena said...

Vavavava! Your own Chanel? Tu la asyik beli kat orang je mestilah beli kat sendiri at seketul kan? Hehe. Aaaaaa jeles jeles. Bilaaa la i nak dapat Chanel ni. Seketul pun jadilah. Hehe :p And hey, people still read your blog okayy walaupun u dah balik Malaysia.

waNny said...

dah nak balik dear? huhuhuhuh

i will discuss on ur proposition with my Ma ok :)

no need to worries

take care dear :D

aS_c0mei said...

ohhh,bestnye dah nak balik malaysia!mesti hati berbunga riang.ehhe

tapi,hati juga kembang kuncup sbb nak tinggalkan Alan tersayang eyy?anyway,nanti duduk berjauhan sekejap tu akan menambahkan kasih sayang babe.akan saling merindu.kuikuikui...

all the best to you my dear!nanti keje rajin-rajin k?take care!

keep on blogging nanti k.i'll always read your blog.hanya tinggal jejak or tak je...:P

psssttt,tlg makan roti canai cicah kari/sambal utk i sikit nnt k?hiks.

aS_c0mei said...

eh chop.bestnye chanel tuuuuu.nak jugak satuuu!dalam mimpi.....:P

CiKaYu said...

aida, am sure u'll have more stories to tell once u'r landed...take care girl...

naimatulrais said...

Girl, welcome back!

Blossom inch said...

I will, we will still be friend??? kan...you take care and of course you will be fine in Malaysia.

fizamior said...

welcome home bebeh!!!!!!! u kat sini pon we all still baca blog u jugek... ekekekeke...

congratulations on ur graduation! :D

ileena said...

OMG your arm candy!is TDF!i hope i get one for my graduation present..haha.tapi nak pakai tu entah bila.definitely not during my working hours!LOL;p

ladyLOVESleisure said...

salam Aida,
my first time leaving comments here. sayu nye i baca your entry ni. terasa macam i pulak yang nak tinggal bumi eropah ni. itulah kan, duduk jauh2 rindu kg halaman. bila nak balik terasa sedih rindukan bumi dipijak. i am sure you'll be happier surrounded by dear family & friends. all the best in your future undertakings!

reet said...

sure ada orang nak baca la cik aida..kisah rindu-rindu aida kat alan.nnnt for 2 month on LDR!long distance relationship...auwww

LoNdon dEaLs said...

i can't imagine myself going back for good later. im sure its gonna be hard but all in all, life must goes on. hope you have a wonderful life ahead you aida. insya allah, panjang umur murah rezeki, kite jumpe lagi. take care dear!!

p/s : jeles nye u dpt puasa n raya with familes back home!! me dendang perantau la lagi nampak nya.

:: LadyVerde + Mr.Doc :: said...

i'll be ur loyal reader ofcourse! ;D
n yeahhhhhhh little missy petite shopper has made its 1st appearance! ;D whooot whoooottt!
suits u veryyyyyyy well doll...if u beli grande aritu sure cam tenggelam u trus...hehehehe

nways, love the quote "Alan (in my tiny little heart) - checked :)"
all together nowwwwwww...AUWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

Drama Mama said...

eh i'm sure you'll have more and more things to blog about once ur home. and dun worry, i'm sure Alan will always be in ur heart esp bila berjauhan. :-)

take care!


Nana said...

awsss .. you are just too sweet! Baca this entry reminds me of my undergraduate times. Masa tu I balik dulu and Mozard stayed behind. He has one more semester to finish. ahhhh I am sure both of you would be happy together forever!

Of course I'd continue reading. Cuma now its busy times for me so lambat sikit nak comment. ;D

eynda said...

Balik Malaysia sure ada banyak citer lagi cuma situasinyer kat Malaysia pulak la kan ;-)

kak ijan said...

Aida, selamat berpuasa!!!

l y n n a s h a a r i said...

welcome back aida ;)