Saturday, July 17, 2010

Me And My 'Love' Issue

(This entry is a lengthy one and you might be bored with it - so, you can decide before your read) :)

I've been feeling slightly unhealthy lately, and I seriously don't know what's wrong with my body. It seems that it can't resist all the unhealthy food I've been consuming - I don't blame the hormone (or maybe a little bit). The fact that a lot of things are going on on my mind, I tend to opt for unhealthy snacks and heavy meal in the evening. Like my body says no but mind says something else (like yes, eat more perhaps?) :p.

I have restricted my food soon after my last exam paper. That's the most appropriate time for me to keep track on what I've been eating. Like, 2 wholemeal bread with tuna for breakfast and one heavy lunch (either salmon/chicken breast) and very light dinner or just fruits for dinner. But that only lasted for 2 weeks. A soon as I need to accept the fact that I'll be back for good and what I might venture in a few weeks time, I worried so much and end up eating a lot. It's been so hard actually to restrict my food during my studies. In fact I think most of the ladies felt the same way, right? You have the reason to eat unhealthily - simply it's because you are a student. Nothing else..

So, that's just one of the things that have been bothering me quite a lot these few days. I'm not worried that my family will greet me with something like "kakak dah berisi sikit lah" or "kak aida nampak lain lah" - hell yeah "lain" tu means gemuk because my family tend not to judge each other. It's me that always have this uncomfortable feeling. Okay, maybe I'm a bit unreasonable here :p. Maybe bukan gemuk, tapi I ni makin berisi. Atas kecik, bawah besar. Hahaa, now you can laugh..

Ben & Jerry's ice-cream, kebab wrap, pizza late at night, pastries on the go and my all time favourite, sugary cereals (Crunchy Nut Cluster Choc) which I take not just for breakfast, but occasionally during the nights (okay tipu, bukan ocassionally tapi selalu!). Darn...I don't fancy rice tho, that's a good thing..

The thing about me is that my weight have always maintained these past few weeks (in fact almost 9 months now), but I can feel the change to my body (the outer part). Wobbly there and there, and everything seems have grown bigger..Even my small fingers seems to have outgrown since I don't know when..Hahaha! Last year I managed to shed 5kgs, but that took 9 months with healthy eating plan and exercises. Ask my friends, they now how freak I was with food and calories counts. When they eat, I'll go next to them a scared them on how much are they eating in just one "ngap" :p

Let's just check what I've been eating today for example:

9am - 2 pcs of bread with a replacement for butter (forgot the name) with a little bit of sugar (see with sugar in the morning) and 1 mug of camomile tea.

11am - 2 pcs of bread with tuna salad filling with 1 slice of cheese (alan made this for me).

1pm - Quarter a tub of Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough ice-cream (slurppp).

3pm - 1 small bowl of Crunchy Nut Cluster Choc cereal with semi-skimmed milk (that's healthy a bit)

5pm - 2 mugs of water

6pm - 2 plates of chicken rice with a huge portion of chicken.

9pm - 1 mug of camomile tea (didn't eat much actually tonight compared to yesterday).

Gulp, am I this unhealthy all this while? *gulp*gulp*

I know I should do something. I can imagine what will it be like when I'm back for good in 10 days time. Grandma with her yummylicious asam pedas Melaka, busu with her sambal udang, mum with her puteri rendam..Urgh! Hate myself now..

What should I do :(



aS_c0mei said...

i always complaint about my weight!i berisi lepas kawen.naik 10kg u tau!hahaha.actually,sblm datang sini,i join true fitness.tapi,tak sempat nak ber-gym sakan,dah kena datang qatar.rugi membership for 2 years tu!bayar free je la bulan2...:(

anyway,biasa org akan ckp,selagi u selera nak makan,baik makan je.kalau dah sakit,tak selera...nak makan apa pon taknak.masa tu baru la kurus cekeding.hihihi...

i pulak terbalik beb,besar atas,kecik bawah.okay,u boleh gelak sekarang.kuikuikui

bestnye u dok counting days nak balik mesia!i pon nak balik jugak nanti end of sept.tak sabar nak makan2 kat m'sia!!=D

panjang plak bebel!

miralatiff said...

Reena..nak naik berat badan memang sangat senang but to shed some weight even just only 1kg punye la susah kan??

Mase I lepas bersalin my doctor selalu pesan..kalau nak diet jangan tak makan sbb tu bukan diet yg sihat...She told me setiap kali I makan, portion makanan I tak perlu banyak tapi mesti seimbang..meaning lengkap la carbs, protein etc..And gap between time makan jgn terlalu lame because bile kite terlampau lapar we tend to eat a lot..

So that what I've been practicing so far..alhamdulillah skang ni I dapat balik berat pre-pregnancy I..lagi satu having a baby really keep me busy and run here and there..I take it as exercise too..So reena cecepat kawen and have a baby! hehehe

fizamior said...

oh! heaven!!!!! bestnye! dah balik malaysia kang lagi la heaven! hehehehehe

n.a.j said...

wow...maintain body weight is a big hurdle for me!!

balik msia mmg banyak yg nak dimakan...nyum nyum..